On the mountain in Aspen, Hope calls out to Steffy following their collision. Steffy doesn't respond at first, but then awakens. Hope giggles that she's sorry and hollers that she'll see her at the bottom. Alone, Steffy tries to get up and cries out in pain, holding her leg. Further up the slope, Liam looks around. He eventually comes across Steffy, who tells him what happened and that her knee hurts. Liam can't believe Hope just left her. He comforts Steffy.

In Bill's office, Alison questions him about 'saving his son from sweet Hope Logan'. Bill says Hope's just like her mother. Alison says they're very different. Bill argues that they both control men with sex - Brooke gives, and Hope withholds - it's all about control. He touts Steffy's good qualities and tells Alison that Liam hasn't had one bit of peace since he proposed to Hope - she's a drama queen who learned from the best. Alison realizes he's worried about his son, but feels he's overreacting. She thinks Hope is fantastic and Bill's not giving her enough credit. Bill tells Alison she's fired, but changes his mind quickly. They continue to argue about Hope. Alison calls him a control freak. Bill says Steffy was perfect for Liam - they laughed, had fun, and were there for each other. He also has more respect for Taylor than Brooke and says the daughters are like the mothers. He wishes Liam would open his eyes to how exceptional his wife is.

At Forrester, Rick flirts with a couple of models. Brooke is distracted. Once alone, they discuss Hope, who isn't answering texts. Rick says Liam shouldn't have left her alone. Brooke tells him Dr. Barton stopped by earlier and didn't think it was a good idea for Hope to go to Aspen either. Rick thinks there is more to the story. Brooke tears up over Hope's troubles. Rick reassures her. Brooke takes a call from Hope, who casually says she's on the slopes and laughs about crashing into Steffy. Brooke asks if anyone was hurt. Hope smirks that it wasn't a big deal, really.

Still on the mountain, Liam tries to help Steffy up and she yelps in pain. He says they're staying right there. He puts his coat around her and is flooded with memories of their time together. A paramedic arrives and calls for a toboggan. Liam says he's going to the hospital with her - he's her husband. At the bottom of the hill, Hope looks moony and wonders where Liam is at.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope must admit to Liam that she took another pill even though she vowed that she wouldn't.

Stephanie is torn when she witnesses an argument between Taylor and Brooke.

Steffy makes an unexpected decision regarding Liam.

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