Taylor blindfolds Nick and leads him to the Shady Marlin for an evening boat ride and picnic. She tells him that she's never been out on the water and he needs a break from work. Nick reluctantly agrees. As he steers the boat out of the harbor, Taylor enjoys watching him "do his thing." He turns around and they share a passionate kiss. While they are kissing, the boat's power goes out. Nick says he needs to call for a tow, but Taylor asks if they can hold off a little while and enjoy the time alone out at sea.

At the boutique, Ridge is explaining to his mother that he has invited Jarrod, a reporter, over to get an exclusive on the wedding that will correspond with the grand opening of their flagship boutique. Stephanie thinks that perhaps Ridge is taking on too much at once. She feels that she must ask is Brooke really the woman he wants to spend the rest of his life with? Ridge states, once again, that Brooke is the woman for him. "Marriage does not erase feelings that one might have for a 3rd party," Stephanie warns that Brooke might still have feelings for Nick. Ridge says that their problem isn't the sailor, it's Rick and Phoebe.

In a storage room in the back, Brooke questions Rick and Phoebe about the kiss she just witnessed. Rick tells his mother that what he and Phoebe are doing isn't wrong. He doesn't understand why she's letting Ridge have his way. She tells him that their whole family business is riding on the wedding. Phoebe offers to talk to Ridge, but Brooke says that Ridge will NEVER accept a relationship between the two of them. Phoebe tells Brooke that she and Rick can't be apart, they've tried. They explain their plan of staying secretive until after the wedding. Phoebe tells Brooke that she knows Rick he's treating her with respect. Rick agrees and tells Brooke that of all people, she should understand what it's like for them. "You and Ridge are entitled to live your lives the way you choose," and implores her to give him and Phoebe the same right. Rick explains that they aren't in a dream world; they know that they have to work things out but their feelings are something worth fighting for. Brooke comes around a little and says, "You wouldn't be the first young couple to raise a few eyebrows.and it probably wouldn't last anyway." But Ridge needs to know, she says. Phoebe and Rick argue that telling Ridge would jeopardize the wedding, the business, everything. Brooke says that Ridge needs to know now rather than later. It won't be pretty, but she offers to talk to him.

Taylor and Nick are enjoying some quiet time in the dark out on the water. She tells him that she wishes it could be like this all the time. She recalls that not too long ago her life was empty and alone and she is happy for a whole new start. Nick tells her that it's a whole new start for both of them and kisses her passionately. Taylor asks him to make love to her, and he doesn't hesitate to oblige.

Ridge is finishing his conversation with Stephanie. He warns her not to backslide and start sabotaging his relationship with Brooke. She considers herself warned. He insists that he's drawing the line, just like he did with Rick and Phoebe. Brooke comes in and asks to talk to Ridge alone. He starts to talk about the wedding and photo shoots and how happy they will be this time around. "I really need to tell you something." She begins by telling him that for the first time ever, there is something that they are not in sync over. "It's Rick and Phoebe and you're not going to like it."