Eric is surrounded by Douglas women & photos of the new retail space. Ann and Pam are showing great interest in helping Eric consider various remodeling materials, and Stephanie seems a little miffed at their input. She proclaims that marble is too expensive and only when Pam points out that it's too hard to clean does Eric seem to pay attention. There's a pot roast in the oven, but Stephanie says it can wait while she and Ann go out to the guest house and get the brochure for a condo that they are considering for her. Inside the guesthouse, Ann finds convenient excuses why none of the condos are quite right. Then, she changes the conversation to Stephanie and Eric's marriage. She says that Stephanie's only contribution to Forrester Creations was the startup money that her father left her. She thinks that Stephanie should butt out and simply provide comfortable home for Eric to come to every night a warm meal, a warm bed. Stephanie says that Ann has overstayed her welcome and if she doesn't find a place soon, she'll send her back to Chicago. Ann says that Eric won't make her leave. He needs to take a firmer hand with her and be more like her husband was, Ann proclaims. Then, she points out that Pam is more of a wife to Eric than Stephanie is! Inside the main house, Pam is reassuring Eric that it's normal to have the jitters now regarding the risky new business they are getting into.

In Beverly Hills, as the workers are busy creating the new retail space Ridge and Brooke tell their splashy wedding plans to Rick, Phoebe, Felicia and Bridgette. When he gets a minute in private, Ridge thanks Rick for moving in with Bridgette and taking the heat of the Phoebe situation.

Felicia and Bridgette have a moment alone, too. Bridgette asks Felicia if Brooke's wedding plans will steal her thunder from when she marries Dante. Felicia is forced to admit the problems that she is going through with Dante. He thoroughly loves his status as the toast of the art world in Rome and wants Felicia to pack up the baby and move to Rome. Felicia tells her sister that although she did enjoy her time in Europe, her visions of dying gracefully on the French countryside no longer apply she has her life back and the family needs her in LA. She cries as she says how much she misses him, but she will not go.

Stephanie returns to Eric and says that Ann needs to go. Eric says that perhaps the condo idea doesn't make much sense and maybe Ann should stay in the 2nd guest house permanently. Stephanie asserts that she doesn't want her mother living that close. Eric says that this is a difficult time and he doesn't need her opposing him every step of the way. He says that she's not supporting him, she's controlling him. As she objects to his assessment of their marriage, he reminds her that last night in bed she didn't feel much like a wife. He asks if she's not attracted to him anymore. He says he needs reassurance right now, not a cold shoulder. In fact, he's not going to give in anymore. "Pam and Ann are staying put even if it means I have to sleep next to a block of ice for the rest of my life!" Even though the pot roast is nearly ready, Stephanie says that she needs to go to the retail store to help with the decisions. She points out that in their marriage, Eric builds the castles in the air and she deals with the brick and mortar. She tells him that she's never been a "wifey wife" and she can't turn on the dime and become a sex kitten, then leaves.

From the guest house, Pam sees that Stephanie is leaving and Ann is shocked that she can't find time to have dinner with her own husband. Ann goes on and states that Pam shows Stephanie up in the woman department. Pam is uncomfortable talking about such things and says the perhaps they should consider going back to Chicago. Ann contends that it's not fair that Stephanie has such a wonderful life, and she does nothing to deserve it. Ann says that Eric is a fine man and deserves someone more like her.

Back at the store space, Ridge asks Bridgette how it's working out with Rick as her new roomie. Ridge tells her that Rick has been a complete gentleman and he's very grateful for his cooperation. Meanwhile, Rick and Phoebe are making out in the back room. Rick tears away long enough to voice his concerns that the whole family and their financial future is at stake at this point. He explains that if Ridge busts them, the wedding will be off and the chance of the boutiques being a success is over. Regardless of his fears, he starts to kiss Phoebe anyway Brooke finds them. "What are you doing?"