Ridge goes to Taylor's house to talk about Phoebe and Rick. He informs Taylor that the two near-siblings have kissed! Taylor thought the situation was under control, but apparently it isn't. Ridge suggests that they give their daughter some extra TLC while she gets over the pain of Rick ending it with her (at Brooke's request). Taylor is worried that the door isn't exactly closed if Phoebe pursues it further. A young woman in love doesn't just "get over it" that quickly. Taylor agrees to help Phoebe through it, and then Ridge has another question for "Doc". What's going on with Nick? Taylor tells him that she's not on the rebound from Thorne, although she does miss him and Allie, but that's not it. She tells Ridge that she is finally starting to see what Brooke saw in Nick.

At F.O., Phoebe is modeling for a photo shoot and daydreaming about her kiss with Rick. The photographer is trying to inspire her to focus, to no avail. When Rick walks in, however, she starts to shine. After the photographer leaves, Phoebe and Rick steel away for some make-out time. In between kisses, Rick tells her that Ridge and Brooke think they are over. Phoebe encourages him to admit that he wants to be with her and it's worth it to lie to Brooke and Ridge until they're married. Rick warns her that no one can suspect that they haven't called it quits.

Brooke pays a visit to the Jackie M boutique on Rodeo Drive, and Nick is surprised to see her there. She admits that she's come by to talk about something, but it's not business. She doesn't understand why their dissolution hasn't come through yet. Nick thinks that she's just there to poke around in his personal life. Brooke denies that she's had any time to wonder about him and Taylor -- she's been too busy trying to keep Rick and Phoebe apart. Nick tells her that "together or not, the attraction will be there." Nick tells Brooke that she's placating Ridge by insisting that Rick and Phoebe stay apart. She asks him how he would feel if it were Hope. Brooke sees the pain come across his face at the mere mention of the little girl that he has grown so close to. She apologizes and leaves to check out the new F.O. space.

Eric takes Stephanie to check out a store location on Rodeo Drive for their new boutique. It's perfect, AND it's right across the street from Jackie M. Eric wishes they could have bought the space (instead of leasing it). That way, in case the store fails at least they would have an asset. Stephanie tells him that the media will pick up on any insecurity that they have, so he'd better believe that they will succeed! Ridge and Brooke show up and Ridge announces that he has the perfect way to introduce the new store to the world. He suggests that they shut down Rodeo Drive and have their wedding right in front of the new boutique on the day of the grand opening. Brooke isn't sure that she wants to turn their wedding into a publicity stunt. Ridge contends that nothing garners media attention more than a celebrity wedding. "An elegant Hollywood wedding on the most glamorous street in the world," he boasts. Brooke can't believe that Eric, and finally Stephanie, think it's a good idea. "Since when have you had a problem with making a spectacle of yourself?" Stephanie asks.