Ridge and Phoebe continue to argue about Rick at the house. Ridge expresses how he can't believe that she can be in love with Rick after one kiss, but she professes she is. She tells her dad that they're not related and that he's overreacting. While Ridge admits that he understands the attraction she would feel for Rick, he thinks that Rick is playing her. Phoebe argues that she's not a child and will find a way to see Rick no matter what Ridge does to stop them. Ridge asks her to listen to herself. "Are you willing to give up everything for a loser?" he asks. In frustration, Phoebe runs up the stairs as Brooke comes in from seeing Rick off. Brooke has overheard Ridge call her son a loser and isn't impressed. "My son is not a loser," she exclaims. Ridge doesn't apologize but instead tells her. "I call it like I see it." He goes on to tell Brooke about the kiss that Phoebe and Rick shared and the fact that Phoebe now thinks that she's falling in love with Rick. Ridge asks her to tell him again that there's nothing to worry about. He reminds her of what happened with Shane McGrath and doesn't think his daughter ought to be involved with someone who is older and almost her brother. He fears for his little girl's emotional safety and asks Brooke to understand where he's coming from. He reminds her that since he's been back in town, Rick has done nothing but cause trouble between the two of them. Brooke appeals to his softer side and says while she understands his feelings; she knows they can't do anything about this. She thinks that Rick will probably be back in Europe soon anyway. This gets to Ridge and he wonders if Phoebe would go with him. He then worries about the press getting wind of this whole mess and asks that she talk to Rick to convince him to back off. Brooke reluctantly agrees to talk to her son. Ridge thanks Brook as he caresses her hair and hugs her.

Taylor and Nick are still at Nick's place. Nick promises he's not going to wear the medal that Brooke gave to him anymore and Taylor wonders what this means. He comments on her relationship with Ridge and says while they both have significant relationships in their past, they're both ready to move on - in the now. She agrees and they kiss. They snuggle on the sofa and Nick comments on how good it is to see Taylor smile. She says she finally has something to smile about and things are almost perfect. "Almost?" he asks. She admits that there are times that she wonders if she can compete with Brooke, Felicia and Bridget. Nick is lost until she confesses she is talking about children. She knows he couldn't have loved Hope if she weren't his own child. Nick replies that she's right and he guesses that being a dad isn't in the cards for him. Taylor doesn't think that's true and wonders if he feels that a child will complete him. Nick tells her that she's right, more than she knows. She understands because she too felt this way until she had kids. He comments on how she's a good mother and then goes on about how he would like to be a parent and instill values into a child. He says that the hard part is finding a woman. Nick is surprised when Taylor calls him a good catch. He owns up to having a lot of bad habits and asks her to ask Brooke about them. Taylor isn't so sure about that and says if she was in Brooke's shoes. She trails off and kisses Nick.

Rick arrives at Bridget's house; bags in hand. Bridget is about to leave for the hospital and says she hasn't got much time. She lets him in he tells her that Ridge kicked him out. He asks if he can stay with her. She questions him but he only tells her that he and Ridge had an argument. She allows him to stay with her and then tries to get him to talk again. She thinks this is about the company but he doesn't get specific. They discuss the whole Brooke, Nick and Ridge triangle and Bridget tells him that he just has to get used to their mom being with Ridge.

Brooke shows up at the door to talk to Rick and Bridget takes off for the hospital. Brooke asks him about the kiss between he and Phoebe and he admits that they got caught up in the moment and it just happened. She asks how he feels about her and he says that he likes Phoebe. He thinks she's cool and doesn't think anyone can do anything to stop them from seeing each other. She relays the conversation she had with Ridge earlier and tells him that he has to stop whatever is happening between he and Phoebe, now. She tells him that he needs to understand how complicated this is, especially as a parent. They're interrupted by a phone call from Phoebe, who apologizes on behalf of Ridge. Rick is very sweet to her and tells her she didn't do anything wrong. He asks to call her back as he's busy and drops the line. Brooke tells him that if he doesn't break things up with Phoebe, claiming that the future of their family depends on it.