At home, Taylor and Nick discuss the age gap between Rick and Phoebe. Taylor voices her concerns about how much older Rick is than Phoebe. Nick doesn't have the same concerns as Taylor does but listens as Taylor reminds him that Rick and Phoebe are practically related. Nick interjects that they're not related and goes on to call Rick a class act. Taylor worries that after Phoebe's relationship with Shane, she probably shouldn't be involved with another older man. "Maybe she should be in college," Taylor considers. Nick tells Taylor that unfortunately he has no advice, since he's not a parent. He does say, "I do know this. You bring your kids up and you hope your kids make the right choices but beyond that, you cross your fingers and hope for the best." Taylor smiles while nodding in agreement. Nick refers to the Serenity Prayer and imagines it applies to kids, not just AA meetings! Taylor agrees with him and he asks her if they can now focus on their evening. She asks Nick what he has in mind and he looks around the house and reflects. "If I was alone, I'd probably watch the game or call the guys over for a game of poker!" he says with a smile playing at his lips. Taylor looks around and asks if he has a deck of cards around. By the way she talks; it appears to Nick that she isn't familiar with cards. She finds a deck above the fireplace and starts to shuffle it while she asks, "Why don't we make this interesting?!" "Interesting?"Nick asks, while looking seductively at her. "Interesting"she murmurs."I'm in if you are," he says, and the two sit down to play. Taylor gets a Royal Flush and requests that Nick take his shirt off. He complies but looks at her skeptically. It dawns on him that she's practically a poker expert and tells her he remembers now that her family is a bunch of gamblers! He's still in; he says but doesn't like that she tried to pull one over on him! She tells him to turn up the fireplace and warns him to get prepared. She laughs and tells him that it gets pretty chilly in here! They discuss what Nick wants for his future and Nick leans in to kiss her and says, "Right now I want this" He kisses Taylor passionately! Things are getting pretty hot and Nick stops kissing her long enough to say, "For two people who decided to take it slow, strip poker probably wasn't the place to go." He talks about taking things to the bedroom as Taylor holds his St. Christopher medallion in her hand. As he kisses her, she asks him where it came from. "Brooke gave it to me," he confesses, and when questioned as to why he still wears it, he simply says that he likes it. Taylor suddenly gets up, ready to leave but Nick quickly removes the chain to make a statement. Taylor smiles at him and they lock lips once again!

Back at Ridge and Brooke's place, Ridge brings Rick's belongings to the front door, intent on kicking Rick out. It upsets Brooke, who tells Ridge that Phoebe isn't a kid anymore. She says she's 18 years old, Rick's car broke down, and he's simply giving her a ride home. Ridge is adamant that Rick isn't staying with them. He feels he has a responsibility to his daughter and says that he asked Rick to stay away from his daughter but Rick hasn't listened. Ridge doesn't understand what Phoebe was doing at Insomnia and why Rick wasn't at the Forrester meeting. He tells Brooke he doesn't think their meeting up at the coffee house is so innocent. Brooke thinks he's imagining things and blowing them out of proportion.

Stranded in the truck, Rick starts caressing Phoebe's hair and tells her that it reminds him of summers in Malibu. They reminisce about how she used to make castles in the sand and how he used to ruin them! They're startled when Rick's cell phone rings. Brooke calls to ask if the truck is running, and he overhears Ridge tell Brooke to find out where his daughter is so he can come get her himself. Rick is irritated that she told Ridge about what happened and he promises that he'll get Phoebe home as soon as possible. They hang up and Phoebe leans over Rick. "Let me give it a try," she says with a smile. She starts the car on the first try! Rick smiles and tells her she's magic. They drive home.

Back at the house, Brooke tries unsuccessfully to convince Ridge to let her son stay with them. They're interrupted by Rick and Phoebe who finally arrive home, drenched! They sense the tension in the room and Rick notices his stuff at the front door. He's clearly upset and confused and asks what's going on. Ridge explains that he needs to stay with his dad right now. "I've put up with enough," Ridge declares. Phoebe interrupts them to stand up for Rick but can't answer Ridge when he asks point blank if anything happened between the two of them while they were stuck in the rain. Phoebe claims Rick didn't do anything to her and it wasn't like that. "Then what was it like?"Ridge demands to know. Incensed, he tells them that they're both Forresters but Phoebe reminds him that technically, she's a Marone. He lectures the two and says that the infatuation has to stop. Brooke thinks that Ridge is being a concerned parent but Rick thinks Ridge is just throwing a temper tantrum and agrees to leave. He walks out the door and Brooke runs after him. Phoebe explains that nothing happened with her and Rick. She tells him that they kissed but doesn't see a problem with that. She asks, "What is it you're afraid of? That I'll fall in love with him? Well it's too late. It's too late," she confesses.