At Forrester, Brooke and Ridge bicker over whether or not Steffy could have made the gondola break down. As Brooke is explaining that Steffy is all about seduction, Taylor enters and notes, "We could say the same thing about you, Brooke." Taylor is taken aback to hear that Steffy is in another office with Liam and Hope. Brooke says she's pretty sure Liam and Steffy won't be married much longer. They argue about Brooke's conspiracy theories. Ridge says it's clear there are very real feelings between Steffy and Liam. Ridge hates that the girls are in love with the same man, and suggests that none of them should take sides. Brooke says she'll keep digging for the truth. Taylor complains to Ridge that this is nothing but a witch hunt. Ridge insists that they respect the decisions made by the kids.

In the office, Steffy tells Liam she had no idea that Hope was following them to Aspen. Hope thinks she found out at some point. Steffy asks why she'd even care, and wonders why Hope is doing this. Liam talks about going up the mountain. Hope says he went there to meet her, and says Steffy somehow found that out. Steffy shouts that it's insane to think she could stop the gondola. Hope maintains it was just too much of a coincidence. Liam asks Steffy again if she knew Hope was in Aspen and if that's why she wanted to get married right then. Steffy insists she was just being impulsive, and denies any knowledge of Hope being there. Hope accuses her of lying to her husband. Steffy hisses at Hope that Liam will always be her first priority - everything she did was out of love for him. She walks out. Liam tells Hope he believes Steffy. Hope tells Liam she made things bad by overreacting, but he made it worse - by marrying Steffy he took stupidity to a whole new level! Hope says his life is with Steffy now. Hope bids him goodbye - and wishes him good luck. She exits, and Steffy watches her get on the elevator. Once the elevator doors close, Hope sobs.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke spends time with Nick.

Thorne has plans for Forrester Creations.

Taylor is unsure of whether to side with Thorne against Ridge.

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