Rick tells Phoebe that he will call a cab to take her home. Before he knows it she jumps in and tells him to drive. Rick stresses that he does not want to get her in trouble. He informs her that Ridge has warned him that if he lays a hand on her then he will kill him. Rick tells her that if Ridge finds out that he gave her a ride home, he will be furious. Phoebe says that she just wont tell him then. Rick gives in and starts to drive her home in the storm. They lighten the conversation a bit by laughing about the guy at karaoke. They then agree that they sounded pretty good together up there. He then tells her that when two people connect while singing a is magical. Just then Rick has to pull over on the side of the road because the truck overheats. He realizes that he needs to call the office since he is running so late.

Stephanie tells Pam that she saw her and Eric the other night and that she knows what is going on. She expresses that Eric is genuinely fond of her, but that it doesnt give Pam the right to play on his sympathies. Stephanie then tells her sister that it couldnt have been solely Erics idea for them to move out here. She insists that Pams whole life is in Chicago...not California. Pam stands up to Stephanie and reminds her that for the past three decades she has done everything for their mother without any help from her! She asks Stephanie if it is so bad to want something different and doesnt she think that she deserves it? Stephanie then demands to know what has gotten into her sister. Pam then starts mocking her life about always being the good one. She tells Stephanie that she is tired and that she has had enough. Stephanie tries to tell her that she understands, but Pam reminds her that she cant possibly understand. Pam insists that it wasnt much of a life that she had in Chicago. She tells her that their mother occupied all of her time and ruined any chance of having a successful relationship. Pam screams at Stephanie, informing her that they are not going back to Chicago and that she is not going to do it all alone any longer. She tells Stephanie that she is a part of this family too!

Brooke, Felicia, Thorne, Ridge and Eric hold a meeting and decide that they have got to get into the retail market to survive. Brooke informs them that she obviously had too much hope in Nick. They wonder where Rick is, but Ridge insists that they dont have time to wait for him. He suggests that they send him back overseas to work......anything to keep him as far away from Phoebe as possible. Eric suggests that their stores will be right on the high fashion streets like Rodeo Drive and 5th Avenue. He then demands that all of their stores be exactly the same so that no matter where in the world you are, you will know for certain that it is Forrester Originals. Eric reassures them that this move will guarantee the familys financial security for many years. Brooke answers her phone when she sees that it is Rick calling. He informs her that the truck is acting up and as soon as he gets it fixed he will be there. He then tells his mother that Phoebe is with him and that he has to take her to the house first. Rick begs Brooke not to mention that to Ridge. Brooke hangs up the phone and sits quietly.

Brooke informs the group that Rick has car trouble. Just then the office phone rings and Taylor informs Ridge that she cant locate Phoebe. Ridge tells Taylor to call Madison to try and locate their daughter. Brooke stands up and tells Ridge that there is no need to worry because Phoebe is with Rick. Ridge then demands to know if Rick asked her not to tell him about Phoebe. Ridge tells Brooke that now it seems more important for her to protect her son than to be honest with him. Phoebe gets a little nervous about being stranded on the side of the road and asks Rick not to get out of the truck. She insists that she will always be haunted by the moment that Darla fell back into road and was killed. Rick tells Phoebe that he wants to try and help her past that if he can. She tells him that he already has, and the two of them kiss.