Clarke tells Storm that they were obviously moving too fast by doing the big fashion show in New York. Although the designs received rave reviews, they say that Donna doesnt have what it takes to be in the same league as her sister...Brooke! Donna insists that it doesnt matter as long as Nick still believes in her. She tells Storm that it really gave her confidence a boost when he made her lead spokes model. She rants and raves demanding that she will never be as talented, as pretty or as smart as Brooke!

Brooke calls Nick at his office but is informed that he is busy. She hangs up and decides that she should go see him in person after reading the reviews on Donna. Taylor stops by to see Nick and tells him that she needs to talk to him before things go any further between them. Taylor informs him that she has been playing everything that has happened over and over in her head. She says that she keeps hearing this voice telling her that she should slow things down a bit. Nick tells her that he understands, but that he wants her to come over tonight. He tells her to ask herself whether or not she had a good time the other night. Taylor insists that thanks to him, it was one of the best Valentines Days ever! Just as they get close, Brooke walks in and wonders if she is interrupting anything. Taylor excuses herself and tells him that she will see him tonight at 9.

Phoebe and Madison hang out at the coffee house when Rick stops by to catch up with CJ. Rick and Phoebe both tense up a little when they notice one another. Rick goes to the table and joins them just as CJ takes the stage and kicks off Karaoke Night at Insomnia. Rick wants to know if she is having fun yet, and she looks at him and responds I am now. The table laughs at the person performing and Rick tells CJ that he needs to kick him off of the stage. CJ agrees and heads to the stage. He steps up and calls Rick and Phoebe to the stage for a duet. The two of them break out into a rendition of I Got You Babe. As the evening winds down, Rick gets in his truck to leave. Phoebe runs over and asks for a ride home, but Rick tells her that he doesnt think that it is a good idea.

Brooke wants to know if Nick is still confident in Donna. He tells her that the Forresters are competitors and that includes her. Brooke tells him that she is not his enemy and that she wants to see him happy in both his personal and professional lives. She insists that especially in his personal life and that he should not be fooling around with Taylor, because they are both on the rebound. Taylor enters the office again to pick up her purse that she had forgotten. She says that this must be driving Brooke up the wall. Nick leaves to attend to business while Taylor and Brooke talk things out. Brooke tells Taylor that just for the record, it doesnt drive me up the wall. Brooke demands that she only wants to see Nick happy. Taylor tells her that what she really wants is to be married to Ridge and to keep Nick on a string. Taylor tells Brooke that if she were to look up the word selfish, she would find her picture right there. Brooke explains that she is not selfish and that she just wants her and Nick to see what she sees. Taylor tells Brooke that once again it is none of her business what she does. She reminds Brooke that she has chosen another man so really she should stay out of this. Taylor inquires about the wedding date for her marriage to Ridge. She then goes on and tells Brooke that she should focus on her relationship with Ridge and her marriage to him. Taylor gloats about the great Valentines Day that she and Nick shared. She even tells Brooke how good of a kisser Nick is and that he brings out a wild side in her that even Ridge couldnt find. She then smiles and warns Brooke that she will not tolerate her interfering with her relationship with anyway! Taylor tells her to have no doubt about that!