Pam is by Eric's side backstage as the fashion show is about to begin. Phoebe is dressed in her first gown. Brooke, Ridge, Felicia and Stephanie, then finally Rick join them. Everyone is buzzing with excitement. You could barely notice the barb or two tossed around between Ridge and Rick. (For example, at one point Rick said, "I was talking to MY dad"). Stephanie makes a champagne toast, "The Best is yet to come."

Over at Forrester Creations, Donna, Jackie and Nick are feeling pretty good about what they've been able to pull off. Storm joins them and they figure that any minute now, the Forresters will start to notice that something isn't quite right with their so-called crowd and no doubt, Stephanie will come barreling over looking for a fight. Donna decides to go put some extra security at the front door. Left alone with his mother, Nick sees that Jackie is having another of her awful headaches. "Starting today, Stephanie will feel the pain that you've sufferedand she'll feel it for a long time to come."

In the Forrester Originals Showroom, the press has arrived, but they are starting to wonder when all of the distributors will be showing up? One of the reporters gets a phone call that says something about Harvey Golden has sold his stores. They all run outside to check their sources. Rick is peeking through the curtain and notices that the room is empty. The only people out there are caterers, he tells the rest of his family. Just then, Felicia says that she called the hotels where all of their distributors stay to order champagne and flowers for them, as usual and no one has checked in! Eric picks up the phone and calls his old friend Arthur Harrison and is surprised to realize that he is still in San Francisco. Eric asks if he can still expect his order via their usual handshake agreement. Arthur simply apologizes and says that he has a confidentiality agreement that prohibits him from saying anything further. Puzzled, Stephanie calls Yvette in Paris and hears a similar story. Thorn shows up unexpectedly. He chartered a private jet in order to get home in time to report that he received the same closed-mouth treatment from vendors overseas.

The family is in complete shock as they try to put together the pieces of the puzzle that are unfolding fast. "We cannot introduce a new lineor a new companywithout anyone to see it," Eric says angrily. They decide to cancel the show. As they start to bicker, Felicia gets a call to turn on the TV. When they do they see that Jackie is holding a press conference and announces that Forrester Creations is undergoing a significant expansion. Nick steps up to the microphone and clarifies that Forrester Creations has acquired a monopoly of overseas boutiques and as of today they are all part of the Jackie M International. Donna announces that the answers to all of their questions are in their press packets. A reporter asks if the new Jackie M will carry Eric Forrester's new line? Nick doesn't waste any time with his tight-lipped reply, "Forrester Originals will never be carried by Jackie M International. Now or ever."

The Forresters turn off the TV. They are livid! Rick acknowledges that since Nick couldn't compete on the runway, he was able to trump them in business. Stephanie leaves. As they all try to process what's gone on, they admit that it's more than just the new line at stakeall of their assets are tied up as well. The Fenmore account isn't going to be enough to keep them afloat. Ridge wants to kill Nick, Brooke protests and Rick stands up for her. This is enough to enrage Eric to the point that he throws them all out of his office. Before she leaves, Pam tells Eric that she'll help him any way she can. He hugs her.

Across town, Nick is enjoying a drink and remembering his vow to avenge his mother's near-death fall and the steps he took to that end. He recalls promising Jackie "a bust of biblical proportion" that he's finally realizing today. Stephanie calmly walks in and interrupts his thoughts. She admits that she underestimated him and his revenge. He calmly tells her that it's about more than his mother's fall it's about all of the lives she has tried to destroy for years. He says that he came to LA a very simple man and she has turned him into something he can never turn back from. She tells him not to take her whole family down just to get at her. He says that they are to blame as well, because they empowered her. "The Forrester family and their position in the fashion world is over. Any devastation that your family feels, it's all because of you," Nick flatly states.