"If you don't reel Rick in; someone else will," Stephanie warns Brooke. How can a grown man who is interested in his teenage step sister be charming, she wants to know? Stephanie points out that Rick is a sexually mature man and Phoebe is inexperienced. "Who said anything about sex?" Brooke is dumbfounded. Stephanie points out how vulnerable both Rick and Phoebe are right now each for their own reasons. Brooke feels as if everyone's treating her son like a predator. Stephanie clarifies that Brooke can't afford to turn a blind eye and risk losing Ridge in the process.

Meeting with Harvey Golden, Nick presses for an answer to the voice inside the speaker phone. Golden isn't sure that Nick will be willing to pay his asking price. Nick notices that there is a contract next to the phone, and it's already signed. Nick takes a look at the numbers and says that Golden's selling price is steep. Golden says that there's more than just the money involved in the deal. He explains that if Nick signs, he'll owe Golden whatever he wants, whenever he wants it. "Okay," Nick says as an assistant gives him a pen. Nick signs and then the guy grabs Nick's finger for a forced fingerprint. For security, he explains. As Nick is leaving, Golden's voice booms over the speaker, "I'll be in touch." Nick goes back to the plane and tells Storm that he thinks he may have just made a deal with the devil. Then he calls Jackie and tells her to have the Jackie M signs up on every new boutique by tomorrow morning.

In the showroom at F.O., Phoebe and Ridge are working on final fittings. Rick and Bridget come in and Rick asks Phoebe if she wants him to coach her on the runway for a little while. "What part of stay away from my daughter don't you understand?" Ridge challenges Rick. Rick goes back to the racks and Brooke tells Ridge to stop making a big deal out of everything.

In his office Eric is admiring his handiwork on a mannequin. As he turns around, he is surprised to see that Jackie is paying him a visit. She offers to close her eyes, but Eric is proud to show her what he considers to be some of his best work ever. Jackie is concerned about the fallout that's coming, but all she says is that there will always be place for Eric's talents at his first company. Eric realizes that she means more than she lets on. He thinks it's because Nick has decided not to carry F.O. at Jackie M. Jackie admits that is true. Stephanie comes in and tells Eric that they need him in the showroom. Eric offers to remove all sharp objects before he leaves the two women alone. After he's gone, Stephanie and Jackie have words about how Eric and how he should be treated. Jackie tells Stephanie that she doesn't wish the Forresters any ill will. Stephanie taunts that their new company will be a huge hit and says that Jackie's a fool if she doubts that.

On his way down the hall, Eric gets a call from Thorne who is standing in front of an overseas Golden boutique. He reports that the store is empty and he can't get a call in at Golden headquarters or at Yvette's office in Paris. Eric tells him not to worry; they'll straighten everything out at the show.

Eric joins everyone in the showroom and they finish the gown lineup. They are all excited and agree that each gown is more stunning than the one before it. Eric congratulates everyone in the room and thanks them for all doing their part. He acknowledges Thorne's efforts with the vendors; Felicia with marketing; Phoebe for her new role as head model and Bridget for her special touches. Then he turns to Rick and thanks him for lending his expertise in spite of having to leave his Paris digs. He almost overlooks Ridge for a minute, and then remembers to thank him for his talent. Finally, Eric wants to thank his inspiration, but realizes Stephanie isn't in the room.

Nick is back in his office when Stephanie barges in. Nick offers her a drink, but she declines. She's come to see why Jackie offered Eric a job. Nick is surprised to hear that. Stephanie calls him a simple businessman who is swinging in the dark. He reminds her that her family is broken because of what she did to his mother. "Judgment day is almost upon us."