As the family comes together for breakfast at home, Ridge asks Rick if he kept his place in Paris. He says that if this new collection is as big as he thinks it will be, the European division can be launched before too long. Then Ridge tells Phoebe to just grab a muffin and come along with him to drop Hope off at preschool on their way to work. After they leave, it's just Rick and Brooke at the table. She tells him that she saw him and Phoebe talking in the garden half the night. She comes right out and asks what's going on between the two of them. He says that he's just getting to know Phoebe and Ridge doesn't get to be his guard dog. She asks if he saw many women while living in Paris. Yes, he did. They talk about how shell shocked his must still be after what happened between him and Amber before he left LA. Still, Rick acknowledges that he wouldn't be alive if she hadn't given him a kidney. He tells his mother that it's hard for him to get close to people now. "If anything good is going to happen, it's got to sneak up on me," he says. He assures his mother that he and Phoebe are just hanging out. Then he says that Ridge is a hypocriteafter all, he has a little history with Bridget. Then, he sees that he's hurt Brooke's feelings and apologizes for bringing that subject from out of the past. He tells Brooke that he and phoebe can really, really talk, even though she's younger.

Ridge catches up with Stephanie at F.O. He tells her that he's got a problem with Phoebe and Rick. Stephanie hopes that everybody is getting along. "There's getting along, and then there's getting ALONG," Ridge oh, so cleverly reminds his mother. Stephanie didn't realize that the two were spending time together, but she doesn't see why it would surprise him that Phoebe would be struck by a worldly, older guy. After hearing Ridge's side of it, she offers to go talk to Brooke.

Down the hall, Eric is hard at work in the midst of a lot of hustle and bustle before the big day. He's doing a fitting on Phoebe and compliments her good posture and positive attitude lately. He asks if there's anyone special in her life. She tells him that she's not seeing Shane, if that's what he's worried bout. Eric is relieved to hear that. He goes on to say that he couldn't be happier that the family is working together.

Nick and Storm are up and at 'em early this morning. They are already on the company jet on their way to see Harvey Golden. Nick tells Storm that his orders are to come into the meeting alone. Storm doesn't like it, but he hangs back on the plane. Nick enters a dark, cavernous building. Finally, he's greeted by a man who tells him that Mr. Golden will be joining him momentarily. Then a voice booms through a telephone intercom. It's Harvey Golden. He tells Nick that he knows why he's come. "I know you bought all of my competitors except Fenmores. Without my company, you only own half of the market and that won't be good enough." He taunts that Nick needs to strike a deal today before the Forrester's launch tomorrow. "If we can come to an arrangement, you'll owe me a lot more than money," he seems to enjoy saying.

As Stephanie is at Brooke's front door, she hears the tail end of her conversation with Rick. ".if you and Phoebe enjoy spending time together, I don't see anything wrong with it." Rick goes upstairs and Stephanie comes in demanding to know what Brooke is telling her son. Brooke explains her point of view and that there's nothing scandalous going on. Stephanie makes fun of her parenting style and Brooke doesn't want her to turn a cute little crush into a big deal. Stephanie demands that they draw a line. Brooke doesn't want to jeopardize her and Stephanie's truce, but nobody is going to try to control her son!