Near the restrooms at Caf Roos, Phoebe and Rick are talking without really saying what's on their respective minds. After lambasting him for being a player, Phoebe feels foolish for pigeonholing Rick based on what she's heard about his life in Paris from other people. He tells her not to believe everything she hears and suggests that she get back to her date. Phoebe jokes that she doesn't want to talk about paper shredders any more (with Shane). Rick offers to rescue her from her date and they come up with a story that she has a stomach ache. But as it turns out, they didn't need to because Shane is gone from their table! Rick offers to driver her home.

Stephanie has dragged Eric out to the terrace to tell him that she doesn't understand why he has to be Pam's knight in shining armor. Eric says that Pam has blossomed since she has been in LA and she deserves her own life. But Pam and their Mother can visit any time, Stephanie objects. "Time is not on Ann's side," Eric states an obvious fact and announces that he made the decision and she is to go inside and welcome them to LA. Stephanie begrudgingly informs him that she resents the position he has put her in.

At Caf Roos, Storm is briefing Nick on their strategy to win Harvey Golden over. He leaves Nick to go back to the office and on his way out, he runs into Brooke. They kiss hello and she continues on to the bar for her "usual." She sees Nick and greets him as he tucks away his documents. She jokes about his top secret documents and he comes back with, "I'll show you mine if you show me yours." She flirts right back, "Careful what you wish for" and then they exchange playful glances. Nick orders some tequila and they talk for a while about the differences that Rick and Ridge are having. Nick poses an interesting question. "How many men is ridge friendly with?" He explains his theory that Ridge isn't a man's man; he's a woman's man. Nick challenges Brooke to watch to see how many men gravitate towards Ridge in a crowd, and how many gravitate away from him.

Eric and Stephanie have gone inside their house. Eric promises to take Ann to see her condo tomorrow. Ann is excited to be living close to both her girls; her grandchildren and great grandchildren. "If it were only that simple," she says. Then, she worries how she'll get around in such a non-pedestrian city. She supposes she could get a car. Eric quickly points out that 80% of LA driving is on a freeway, so that's not a good idea. Ann says she'd go to the poor house if she had to get a cab every time. When Eric asks her what would make it easier for her, she deftly states how foolish she thinks it is to travel the way they do, via limo, but she supposes she could try it. So, Eric tells her that she'll have a car and a driver in spite of Stephanie's loud protest! As if that weren't enough, Ann remarks that the fashionable LA people will laugh at her dowdy old clothes. So, Eric tells her that she'll have an entire new wardrobe. "One more thing," she says, "I'd die if you put me in one of your fashion shows." Eric laughingly plays along and says, "Ann, I think I understand you perfectly."

As Brooke and Nick continue their conversation at the bar, Brooke restates her opinion that Phoebe and Rick are just friends, but it could look wrong if a person wanted to see it that way. She explains the night that they were in the garden looking at the stars. Brooke says it reminds her of their night together on the island. Nick acts like he doesn't remember that night. She continues to wistfully recall how he was pretending to know the constellations so that he could teach them to her. "I will never forget that night," she smiles at him. Nick tells her it's a lot easier to remember the good times when you're having new good times with someone else. Then he gets a call and Brooke tells him goodnight. Nick takes his call and learns that Storm was able to set up a meeting for tomorrow with Harvey Golden.

After Ann has gone to the guest room for the night, Eric finds Pam crying. He worries that he has overstepped his position and tells her that she can live any place she wants. Turns out that she's just grateful because no one has ever done anything for her. Eric clarified that it's a gift for the whole family. She explains that she had resolved herself to just cooking and cleaning and quietly following mother to her grave. Then she tearfully says that he and Stephanie won't regret doing this for her, she promises. As Eric comforts her, Stephanie looks down form the top of the stairs and is looks puzzled.

When Rick and Phoebe make it home, they stop in the garden before they go inside. , Rick tells Phoebe that he's sorry she was dumped. She says it was all in Shane's head anyway. She admits to Rick that she only went out with Shane to see if he would care. Then she asks if he sees her like a kid. Rick says no and then explains. "I think of you to a certain point and no further." He elaborates by telling her that she's funny and beautiful. He thinks that she has an adorable inferiority complex. After a while, Phoebe asks Rick if he remembers the Christmas that he stole her Barbie and made her cry. They laugh and recall another time when he put Stephanie's pearls in a bowl of soup. What they don't know is that Brooke has arrived home and is watching them.