Ridge asks Brooke if this is how it's going to be from now onwill she be making all the decisions unilaterally? She says that she's merely looking out for the family. He asks her to remember what it was like when they were young. Brooke suggests that all of his forbidding might be putting ideas in Phoebe and Rick's heads that aren't even there to begin with. "Oh they're there," Ridge says. He realizes that they are in a stalemate, but he starts to nibble on her neck anyway. Brooke stops him and says that they need to come to an agreement first. He keeps nibbling and mumbles that it's just a family argument and she is incredibly hot and luscious when she's upset with him. Brooke senses a losing battle and playing says "Don't you dare give me that look" and then insists that he lock the door first.

Phoebe is in the model's dressing room talking to another model. They move Rick's coat and a plane ticket falls out. It's a ticket to Parisfor tomorrow! Down the hall, Rick is in his office dealing with a vendor. It's Shane in a business suit! He's in the office supply business now and is asking Rick who he can talk to regarding paper shredders. Rick recognizes his name and Shane verifies that he's one and the same. He explains that Phoebe's father really misjudged him and that there's no arguing with him. Rick laughs and agrees. Just then Phoebe comes into Rick's office ready to press him about his trip when she sees Shane. He stands up and tells her that he's out to prove Ridge wrong. He asks Phoebe for dinner he's already reserved a table at Caf Roos. Phoebe asks Rick if there's any reason she shouldn't go. Rick tells her that he's working late, but that doesn't mean she can't have a life. "If you want permission; ask your father," Rick cracks. Phoebe stubbornly insists that she doesn't need permission to go out to dinner with someone. Nonetheless, as she leaves Ricks tells her not to stay out too late.

At the Forrester mansion Pam is waiting for the limo that will take her to the airport. Eric finds her and tells her that she's not going anywhere until he's had a chance to talk with her. Stephanie walks in the front door and is glad that she hasn't missed her chance to say goodbye to her sister. "Nobody has to go anywhere, Pam's not leaving," Eric announces. He explains that she's become part of the family. Stephanie points out that Pam wants to go home. Every time Eric tries to tell them something he gets interrupted. Pam says that she's had the time of her life; but her mother needs her. The limo pulls up and Stephanie thinks the subject is closed. She quickly asks Pam to apologize to their mother because the last time they were together she called her a selfish, old witch! They turn to the door and see that Ann is there! She cheerfully says that she's not sure that she's ready to move to LA, but since Eric offered, she thought the "selfish, old witch ought to come take a look!" Stephanie and Pam look at each other in shock.

Eric invites Ann in and ushers the three Douglas women to the living room so he can show them something. An ocean view condo in Santa Monica! Ann grabs for the brochure and orders Pam to get her makeup kit from the bag because she must look "a fright". As she leafs through the brochure, she tells them that she doesn't want to be a burden; she only wants what's good for them. Eric says that Pam can choose from either of the two guesthouses and finally live alone, while they'll hire someone to help Ann at the condo. "Oh good, a professional surly won't leave streaks on the windows," Ann icily slams her youngest daughter. Through gritted teeth, Stephanie tells Eric that she wants to talk to him on the terrace. When they get out there, Eric explains that it's their turn to step up and take care of Ann now. Stephanie is upset that he made this decision without her. He says that he thinks she has a blind spot when it comes to Pam. What's more, he thinks the guest house isn't nearly hospitable enough for a woman who has given up her whole life to care for her mother. Stephanie is dumbfounded.

At Caf Roos, Share and Phoebe are at their tables talking about the paper shredders that his company sells. When the waiter comes, she only orders a grilled scallop Caesar salad and Shane tells her that he can afford to pay for anything she wants. Shane goes on to say that he's starting an official search for his birth mother and that he feels that he'll feel like less of a downer once he closes that chapter in is life. Behind Shane's head, Phoebe notices Rick has showed up at the bar with the model from Forrester. Shane notices that Phoebe is staring at her "cousin" and gets upset with her. Phoebe excuses herself to use the restroom and walks right past Rick. He stops her and explains that he needed a little break from work. Phoebe snaps, "I know all about your attention span Rick, have a nice life." He follows her and she tells him that he should be with his date. He insists that it's not a date; the model simply needed a ride. Phoebe reaches into Rick's coat pocket and pulls the plane ticket from his pocket. He has forgotten that he had them. He explains that he bought a round trip when he came home, but has since cancelled it. She asks him why, 'You can't figure that out?"