"You're not going to carry Forrester Creations, right?" Stephanie presses Yvette for an answer from Nick's office. Sad to be lying to an old friend; Yvette simply tells her no. As he bids Yvette goodbye, Nick says that he knows she did what she had to do. Yvette holds Stephanie's hand and wishes her family good luck. After she's gone, Stephanie tells Nick and Jackie that she's sorry that their swan song is playing already. "Nobody's buying, is that what you want to hear?" Nick tells her.

Phoebe is at Forrester Originals telling Rick that she's not a toy for him to play with. He is confused about why she's acting so angry with him. She tells him that he's as irritating as a brother to her and then fumbles out the door, leaving his as confused as ever. Soon, Brooke walks into the office. She wants to thank Rick for singing at the party last night. Rick tells her that Ridge wasn't happy that he chose Phoebe as his singing partner. Then he tells Brooke that Ridge threatened to kill him if he didn't leave Phoebe alone. Brooke is dumbfounded, but Rick assures her that he's not in any real danger. Brooke sheds a little light on Ridge's overprotection of Phoebe. She explains that a guy named Shane McGrath tried to take advantage of her recently. Rick is very interested in hearing more about what happened. In the end, Brooke tells her son that Ridge is going to have to lighten up.

Stephanie comes back F.O. and tells Ridge that their old friend Yvette was meeting with Nick. She's happy to report that Yvette isn't going to carry their line, but she did fly in from Paris for some reason. Stephanie has the feeling that Yvette was dodging her. "Something's off", Stephanie tells him.

Back in Nick's office, Jackie worries that Stephanie could be onto them. They brush off any uncertainties and rejoice in the fact that the Forresters are now officially locked out of the European market. All they need now is Harvey Golden and the East Coast will be off limits to the Forrester's new collection as well. Jackie tells Nick that he could be hard to find since he's a bit of a recluse, but Nick says he's already on it. Then there's a knock at Nick's office door. It's Rick.He wants to thank Nick for keeping the European staff together; even raising their salaries. The two guys talk for a while, and Rick ends up telling Nick about Ridge's threat to him last night. Rick says that Phoebe isn't related to him, but she's a kid. Nick says that if he behaves as a gentleman, he'll be fine. "Always," Rick replies. Rick tells Nick that he was good for his mother and she undoubtedly knows that somewhere down deep. Nick responds by saying, "Rick, if you he don't see eye to eye with Forrester, just know that somebody will always be in your corner."

At F.O. Phoebe finds Stephanie sorting through gowns on a rack. Stephanie tells her that she sounded great singing with Rick last night. Then Stephanie asks Phoebe if she's sure that she wants to get into the family business. Yes, she is. Phoebe asks Stephanie how she knew that Eric was the one for her. Did she think of him all the time? "Yes, I was Gaga", Stephanie replies. Stephanie (thinks that she is) changes the topic and asks Phoebe how she thinks Rick is. Phoebe says that he misses Paris, be he isn't nearly as snobby as she originally thought. Stephanie says that he's angry at them for the way they handled Forrester Creations and the Marones. She tells her granddaughter that they are on the cusp of a new business, and a new career for her. "Work hard, but don't take it too seriously," she tells Phoebe. Then she has to rush off to take Pam to the airport.

Brooke is working in her office when Ridge comes in to see her. She asks if he really threatened Rick's life? "I didand I meant it," Ridge tells her. But then he assures her that it was only a figure of speech, not an actual threat. Brooke asks if he really thinks that Rick would do something inappropriate? Ridge says that he knows how guys thinkso yes. Brooke contends that Phoebe and Rick think each other are cute, what's the harm in that? She tells Ridge that she will not let her family run on death threats and ultimatums. Ridge agrees to lay off the threats, but he won't allow a relationship between them. Brooke tells Ridge that they are about to be brother and sister, they most certainly will have a relationship. Ridge reminds Brooke that there is no blood between Rick and Phoebe and he's pretty sure that Rick is aware of that fact. It would be better if they don't life under the same roof, Ridge says.

Then, Ridge lays down the law, "No more star gazing and duets, is that understood?"

"No, you can't dictate laws about how much time the kids can spend together. We are going to be encouraging of their friendshipit is a blessing. We are going to be supportive is THAT understood?" Brooke challenges.