Bridget and Phoebe are working at Forrester Original. Phoebe explains the high that she and Rick were on after they sang together. She goes on about going out on the terrace under the stars together. It takes a while, but Bridget finally realizes that Phoebe has a crush on Rick. Bridget recalls when she used to visit him in Paris he would have girls fawning over him. After describing what going to a nightclub with Rick is like, Bridget gets beeped by the hospital and needs to go. Phoebe is a little unnerved by the picture of Rick that Bridget just painted.

From his office, Rick is taking calls on both his cell and landline phones. He's hard at work ordering silks and arranging for transportation. Stephanie comes in to see him and is delighted that he's so involved in the new business. He tells her that he wants it to succeed for his father's sake and only his sake. Rick tells Stephanie that her antics with Jackie have caused a lot of damage to the Forrester name overseas. She tells him that he's old enough to know that life gets a little messy sometimes. Rick warns her that Nick Marone has a strategy and isn't to be taken lightly.

At Forrester Creations, Storm tells Nick that things are looking good for them only a few distributors left to deal with. Yvette from France arrives with her business manager. She thanks Nick for sending a jet stocked with all of her favorites. She tells him that he'll most likely be disappointed however, if he wishes to purchase her boutiques. Storm hands out paperwork that illustrates the precarious financial situation that her business has been in for years. As Nick gives them an offer, he tells them that they are dying and he's throwing them a life raft. Yvette isn't thrilled with his offer. Jackie tells her that they won't twist her arm, but wouldn't it be nice to leave the stress of a sinking business behind and spend more time at her fabulous house in Monaco? Nick tells Yvette that she has 1 week to decide, but he'd like to finalize it right now. Storme offers the contracts and Nick gets out his pen.

As Phoebe is daydreaming about Rick, he walks in and finds her in her underwear. Phoebe is embarrassed and tells him to never do that again. He tells her that he's been in the fashion business for a long time and seeing models in their undies is no big deal. "Undiesor less," she snips. He's come to tell her what a great time he had at the party. She tells him that he's probably had lots of fun parties. He asks her why she's in "a mood", and she denies it. Then she blurts out that he's nothing but a sexy playboy.

Over at Forrester Originals, Jackie and Nick are thrilled to be holding the SIGNED contract that Yvette left them with. Before they can celebrate too much, Stephanie walks into their office and asks if they are plotting to sabotage their grand opening. Yvette comes rushing back into the office because she forgot her briefcase. Yvette and Stephanie are old friends and Stephanie tells her that surely she hasn't agreed to put Nick and Jackie's shoddy garments in her stores. Stephanie tells Yvette that she's counting on her loyalty and friendship. Nick interrupts and reminds Yvette that what goes on in this office is strictly confidential.