Ridge arrives at Taylor's to pick Phoebe up for the party. Phoebe is sitting with her mom, commiserating about the breakup with Thorne. Ridge learns the news and is sorry to hear it. He suggests that Phoebe should stay with her mom for a while (instead of going back and forth), but Taylor tells him that's not necessary. Then he explains that he has his own reasons Rick!

Over at Eric and Stephanie's house, the party preparations are underway. Pam comes down ready for the evening and looks wonderful in the gown that Eric let her wear from the new collection. She doesn't think she should wear it; but he says that she was his inspiration for it. Stephanie adds that Eric told her that Pam took such good care of him that he was able to concentrate solely on his new line.

Brooke is at her house, dressing for the party. Ridge comes home and tells her that Thorne and Taylor have called it quits. She is surprised, but agrees that Allie needs to come first. Then Ridge expresses his concern that Rick might try to pull something at the party tonight. He's ready to turn "that kid" around if he has to. Brooke tells Ridge that Phoebe might be the one who can turn Rick's attitude around, but Ridge doesn't like that. At all.

Meanwhile, someone has to work! Nick and Jackie are busy talking strategy in Nick's office. It seems that the French distributor is coming tomorrow and Nick is sure that she will accept his offer to buy her out. As they discuss the woman's business, Taylor peaks in. She asks to speak with Nick for a moment, alone.

Phoebe has brought her gown over to Ridge and Brooke's place to get dressed there. She's having troubles with her zipper and calling out for Brooke, but Rick is the one who hears her. He tells her that he is an expert at zippers, and helps her out. As they talk, he promises to try to be supportive tonight, but won't do what his mother asked to sing a song. He says he doesn't trust himself not to mess up "their" song by singing "unforgiveable, that's what you've done" (Instead of "Unforgettable, that's what you are.")

The party is getting underway and before Rick gets in the door, Ridge pulls him aside and tells him to stay away from Phoebe. Rick starts to argue, but Stephanie makes a toast. Keeping Thorne and Taylor in mind, she toasts "Not every couple is as fortunate as you are." Rick is brooding in the corner, but no one seems to notice. Eventually the piano player starts playing, people start dancing and then Brooke makes a request. She asks Rick to sing their song. He agrees, but only if Phoebe will join him. Then he cracks that they've heard the song enough times, they all know the words by now.
He sings his verse beautifully. Then, Phoebe stands next to him and sings hers beautifully. They start out facing Brooke and Ridge, but eventually turn and face each other (as if expressing their own feelings to one another.)

Jackie has left Nick's office so that Taylor can talk to Nick. She tells him not to gloat; but announces that she and Thorne aren't getting married anymore. She asks him if he's in the mood for wings extra hot. Nick says, "Always. Heartburn is always better than heartache." As they turn to leave, Taylor turns and gives him a kiss on the cheek.

Rick and Phoebe have walked outside to get away from the party. Rick tells Phoebe that they sounded really good together. He says that it came from a primal and sensual place. "Singing cuts through the garbage and gets to the core of who we are," he tells her. Phoebe is quiet. Inside, the rest of the family marvels over what a surprise it is to learn that "Ricky" can sing. (No one seems to notice that Phoebe can.) Bridget jokingly asks everyone if they noticed how Phoebe was looking at Rick while singing. Brooke says that she thinks Phoebe might have a little crush and announces that Ridge is a bit overprotective about it. "Wonder where he got that?" Felicia kiddingly poked at Eric.

Ridge finds Rick. He tells him that if he ever crosses the line with Phoebehe'll kill him.