Rick is lifting weights and singing an opera song in his room. Brooke has come into his room, but he doesn't know it. When he finishes, she is thrilled to hear the results of the voice lessons that he's been taking while in Europe. Brooke wants him to share his gift with the family, but Rick wants to keep it quiet for now. Brooke switches the subject to tonight's party for her and Ridge. She imagines the whole family together; with Eric at the pianoshe would love for Rick to sing, but he says no way.

At Forrester Originals, Eric tells Felicia and Ridge that Stephanie should arrive for work any minute. It will be Stephanie's first time in the new office and they're excited to share it with her. She arrives and is blown away by how much they've all accomplished already. They all boast that Nick can't compete at their caliber. They agree that the buyers, distributors and press will be blown away, but first they need to finish their collection. Pam has sandwiches for all, and then they get back to work.

Over at F. Creations, Nick and Jackie are talking strategy. Jackie points out that Harvey Golden isn't returning their phone calls and Lauren Fenmore will never sell out. Nick tells her not to worry about the Midwest just yet. Right now, they need Asia. "And you're gonna get it for me," he tells his mother. He wants Jackie to reacquaint herself with an old friend from Paris and fly her in for a meeting.

Taylor is greeted at the beach house with a warm hug from Thorne. Allie is at preschool and Thorne wants to talk about her. He thinks that his little girl is going to need more time than they originally thought. Taylor sadly tells him that Allie needs to come first. He says that as much as he wants Taylor to be a part of his little family, it just can't happen at this point. "If you weren't willing to put your daughter first, you wouldn't be the man I fell in love with," she tells him. Thorne really wanted it to work out and they agree that it just wasn't meant to be. He tells Taylor that he and Allie are going to visit Kristen and Tony for a while. Taylor tearfully says that she should be going to visit Steffi in London and now would be a good time. He offers to take her to the engagement party tonight, but she declines because "that would be so painful on so many levels." They thank each other for being such positive forces in each other's life when they both needed it. They agree that they've learned a lot from each other. After Thorne leaves to go pick up Allie; Taylor cries over a family portrait that Allie drew of the three of them.

Ridge has a moment alone with Stephanie at the office and explains how angry Rick is since he has returned. Stephanie thinks he'll come around, and they can give him the European office soon enough. Ridge tells his mother that Rick needs to leave ASAP. Then, Ridge works with Phoebe on a gown fitting and notices how tired she is. She admits that she and Rick were up talking until 2 last night. Ridge tells her that it's not her responsibility to straighten out his attitude.

Stephanie is walking around, exploring her new digs. She stands on the runway in the dark, but someone has put a spotlight on her. She jokes and asks whomever it is to turn it off. Then she hears Nick's voice asking, "Do you feel a little exposed? That's how you made my mother feel." He comes down the stairs and tells her that when she least expects it; he's going to get her. She tells him that he can't compete with them on the runway. He warns that there's more to the business than what is in the spotlight. As he turns to leave, Stephanie tells him, "Make sure mommy's there to wipe the egg off your face."

Ridge comes home and Brooke invites him to take a bath with her. He has other things on his mind, namely Rick. He reports that Phoebe and Rick stayed up talking half the night. He thinks they were bashing him the whole time. He tells Brooke that he wants Rick to stay away from his daughter. Rick is listening from the top of the stairs.