As Steffy lays beneath her bath water unconscious, Liam knocks anxiously on her door. He uses Bill's key to enter and is about to leave it on the table, when he sees Steffy drowning in the tub. He quickly pulls her out and administers CPR. Steffy coughs and comes to, and he wants to take her to the hospital and have her head examined. When he asks what happens, she remembers slipping and falling. A shaken Steffy tells him, "I'm alive because of you." The subject turns to Bill, and Liam is angry he hurt so many people. Steffy admits she brought some of it on herself, but Liam points out that Bill promised her he was leaving Katie and she has a right to be angry. He urges her to live her life, rather than hiding. He asks, "I just gave you a second chance, what are you going to do with it?" She notes how different he is from Bill and how incredible he is. An uncomfortable Liam goes to leave, but Steffy plants a kiss on him!

Brooke and Ridge find Hope in their living room admiring a wedding dress design. Hope boasts that they overcome so much. A nervous Taylor arrives to see Ridge. She is worried because she hasn't heard from Steffy. Ridge informs her that Bill went back to Katie. Ridge fills her in on how he confronted Bill. She is distressed at how out of hand everything is. Privately, Brooke tells Hope they should be more worried about themselves. Taylor asks for a moment alone with Ridge, so Brooke and Hope leave. Taylor wants Ridge to be Steffy's father, not bodyguard. She wonders how different things would be if they were married. Ridge pulls her in for a hug.

Brooke and Hope head to the office to work on her speech. Brooke notes Hope has a lot going on and asks about her love life. Hope remarks her love life is not nearly as exciting as her mom's. Brooke is thrown when Hope says, "I doubt anyone will be gossiping about me on the Internet anytime soon." Hope wants to go for a totally different image than blatant sexuality. She reveals she thinks her mom has misused sex and takes her role of abstinence very seriously. Brooke is okay with Hope wanting something different. Hope believes Liam will accept who she is, too.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy tells Taylor she's seeing Liam in a new light.

Liam fills Hope in on his emotional encounter with Steffy.

Jackie and Owen are told of Nick's dealings with Bill.

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