In her living room, Taylor rants at Bill. She tells him she's drawing the line on this right now! When Taylor learns he and Katie had a vow renewal ceremony she goes ballistic. She tells Steffy it will never be the right time for Bill - this is what she has to look forward to. Bill insists he's in love with Steffy, but Taylor reminds him he's already committed to Katie. She says she won't let Katie go through this because of her daughter. Steffy says it's none of her business, but Taylor disagrees. Bill tells Taylor he's going to make a life with Steffy whether she likes it or not. Taylor tells Bill he's not welcome there as a married man. Steffy pleads with him not to go, but he does. She lashes out at Taylor, who tells her she'll get hurt - she's the other woman. Taylor leaves the room, and Steffy makes a phone call. She asks it 'it's' ready.

At Spencer Publications, Liam tells Hope he's been surfing a lot since he lives in Malibu. He invites her to come along next time and suggests she sleep over. She wonders if it would be too tempting for him. Liam says just because they want to wait doesn't mean they can't have fun. They discuss the vow renewal - Hope is so happy for Katie and Bill. Liam says Bill wasn't really expecting it. Katie enters and Hope tells her again how romantic the ceremony was. Katie talks about their troubles and Hope says it couldn't have been easy with Steffy ready to pounce. Katie scoffs that she's not worried about her.

Bill calls Liam from his car. Liam says he understands why he's attracted to Steffy, but he thinks he should stay with his wife. Bill looks thoughtful. Bill then talks to Steffy, who says she'll text him an address to meet her.

Steffy hangs up from Bill and walks out of the house. Taylor, who overheard their plans to meet, watches her leave.

Steffy opens the door of her new loft to Bill. They kiss. She tells him she bought it fully furnished from Jackie Marone. He says she can count on him spending a lot of time there. Bill gives Steffy a gift - a sword necklace just like his - he had it made for her. He warns her not to wear it in public yet. Steffy says she loves him unconditionally. He says he knows, and he's going to make her happy if she'll wait for him.

Still at Spencer, Hope tells Liam how highly she thinks of her Aunt Katie. Liam says he certainly appreciates how wonderful the Logan women are. Once alone, Liam is surprised by Taylor, who is looking for Katie. Taylor realizes he knows about Bill and Steffy. Katie enters and Taylor says she needs to talk to her about her husband and Steffy.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and Taylor argue.

Bill ignores Liam's attempts to warn him about Taylor talking to Katie.

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