In their living room, Bill looks at Katie and says they need to promise that no matter what happens, they will always love each other. He says she's the woman who taught him how to open his heart to someone else. He says he can't imagine his life without her compassion, friendship, and advice. Bill says he loves her, and will always be honest even when it's difficult. He tells her no matter what happens in the future, he will always love her. Katie talks about what they have being unique and special - worth fighting for. She says Brooke and Ridge inspired her to show Bill how important he is to her. Katie tells Bill that before him, she was living half a life, but he showed her how to use her whole heart. Bill looks guilty as she says they can overcome anything together, and that this is a renewal; a fresh start. The reverend pronounces them husband and wife and they kiss.

At home, Taylor and Thomas let Steffy know they're skeptical that Bill loves her enough to leave Katie. Taylor talks about them pulling together to move forward. Steffy refuses to pretend to be happy with her dad, and laughs about having a go at Hope while defending Thomas. Steffy crows about Stephanie's shares belonging to them, and how she, Bill, and Thomas will be a powerhouse that owns Forrester Creations. Taylor questions Steffy as to why Bill hasn't called yet. Steffy confidently says he's probably just letting Katie down easy - she's not worried at all.

Outside after the vow renewal, Hope senses something is bothering Liam. He tells her he just appreciates what they have. Inside, Bill thanks Karen for coming, and Katie says goodbye to Donna, Justin, and the other guests. Katie kisses Bill and is happy to have him all to herself. Bill confronts her about springing the renewal on him. Taken aback, she whispers that she thought it would be romantic. He accuses her of conducting the marriage as though he's not in it. He tells her he meant what he said tonight which makes it harder to think about life without her. She thinks he's worried about her heart giving out. Katie suggests he go out and come back in again - she'll be waiting for him in bed. Once alone, Bill pours a large drink and downs it.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

A visit to Jackie and Owen's place proves to be a big surprise for Nick.

Bill lets Steffy know what happened when he got home to Katie.

Taylor wants Steffy to end things with Bill right away.

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