At their house, Katie asks Bill if he's ready to recommit. Karen tells Bill that he and his wife are the stabilizing factor for their company. She's honored to be there to watch them renew their vows. Bill heads upstairs to change. Katie tells Donna that Brooke and Ridge inspired her to celebrate her marriage. Hope and Katie chat about how Brooke would have come if she'd known what the occasion was, and they agree she and Ridge deserve time alone. They discuss Steffy. Katie says she'll have to realize Bill loves her - tonight proves it. Hope thinks it's obvious how much Bill loves her.

Liam enters Bill's room. Bill reads him the riot act for not warning him ahead of time - he doesn't like surprises. Liam says he doesn't look so good. Bill admits he was with Steffy. They bicker about whether he should go through with the vow renewal. Bill says he came home tonight intending to tell Katie he was leaving her. Liam says he has to go through with this, and scoffs at him throwing his marriage away for Steffy. As they argue, Katie comes in and kisses Bill, urging him to get dressed. He says he'll be ready soon.

In Taylor's living room, Steffy wonders if she should call Bill. Taylor asks her to have some compassion for Katie, and warns her not to trick herself into believing Katie deserves to be hurt like this - no one deserves that. Steffy counters that she's happy and in love. Taylor warns her to keep her eyes open when it comes to Bill. Thomas comes in, and then heads to the pool. Steffy and Taylor continue to argue about Bill. Steffy is impressed that Bill is willing to leave his Logan woman, unlike her father. Steffy asks Taylor not to tell Ridge what's going on. Thomas re-enters and asks what's happening. Steffy says it's looking good for her and Bill. Thomas doesn't want to hear about her chasing a married man. Taylor and Steffy continue their conversation about Bill - Taylor thinks he has a lot of issues to work on. Steffy tells them both that Bill is leaving Katie and making a commitment to her.

In Katie and Bill's living room, they join hands and prepare to say their vows. The reverend recalls their wedding and invites guests to speak. Karen stands up and talks about how she couldn't imagine Bill being in love and married until she met Katie. Stephen speaks about them being together forever, saying he's proud to have Bill in his family. Donna jokes about how worried they were about Katie getting involved with Bill. Liam says if it wasn't for Katie, he wouldn't know his father right now. Bill decides to speak - he says it's obvious his family and friends care about their marriage, but there's something Katie needs to know.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Thomas lets Steffy know what he thinks of Bill, which sparks an argument.

Taylor gets in the middle of Thomas and Steffy.

Everyone at the vow renewal is glued to what's happening.

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