At home, Taylor demands that Steffy open the bedroom door. Steffy opens it a crack and Taylor see that Bill is in there. Steffy reminds her mother she's not a child. Taylor refuses to stand there and talk - she orders Steffy to get dressed and meet her downstairs. Bill tells Taylor that he's in love with Steffy and is going home now to talk to his wife. He leaves. Taylor and Steffy argue about Bill. Taylor brings up the fact that he plotted to kill Amber. Steffy explains that away and asks why Taylor can't just be happy for them. Taylor rants that the last thing Steffy needs is an emotionally unavailable man. Steffy doesn't care is he's married, has baggage, or even if he had killed Amber - nothing is going to keep them apart.

Bill's sister, Karen, chats with Katie at home. She admires the party preparations. Liam and Hope come in and they greet Karen. Liam asks what the party is all about. Katie says it's a surprise. Hope tells her Ridge and Brooke won't be coming. Katie says that's fine, and remarks that they just need Bill to arrive. Donna smiles as Hope tries to guess what the occasion is, saying, "You're pregnant." Katie laughs and says no, this night is all about her loving husband. Hope admires Katie, and tells Liam his father has been so good for her. Liam doesn't readily agree. As Karen is telling Katie how great she's been for Bill, he arrives. Bill stands shell-shocked as the group raises their glasses to him. Katie purrs, "Welcome home, baby." Karen appears to greet her brother. Bill asks what the occasion is - just then the reverend arrives. Katie tells Bill that they've had some difficulties these past months but they've made it through because of their love and commitment - this is a renewal of their vows; a celebration of their love.

Stephanie finds Brooke at Forrester and says she needs to talk to her - about forgiveness. They discuss Taylor's stand on the stock. Brooke says she doesn't blame her; Thomas is her son and she's looking out for him. Stephanie muses that everyone is so disillusioned with her, and she's disillusioned with herself. She asks Brooke if she could be there for her again - like when she was ill. Brooke says Stephanie's biggest problem right now is Steffy, who was so let down. Stephanie wonders what the fallout will be. Brooke is amazed that Stephanie didn't consider all of this beforehand. Stephanie can't explain her actions. She asks Brooke again about their relationship. Brooke says they don't have one. Stephanie protests. She tells Brooke she never should have done what she did - Brooke is a good person. Brooke says she's just glad Stephanie's actions didn't impact her father or her sisters. Brooke also says she learned one thing - that nothing will ever break up her and Ridge. Stephanie thinks she can see in Brooke's eyes that she's forgiven her - she's an extraordinary person. She promises not to ever do anything to her again that will require forgiveness.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill and Katie renew their wedding vows despite Bill's real intentions.

Taylor and Steffy argue.

Liam learns of Taylor's plans.

Jackie makes a decision.

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