At Forrester, Taylor tells Ridge, Brooke, Thomas, and Stephanie that she will protect her son's interests where the shares are concerned - as trustee, she'll do whatever it takes.

At home, Steffy tells Bill she believes she can trust him. They discuss Thomas. Steffy is happy that Bill made Taylor see that he shouldn't give the shares back. She hopes her mom sticks it to Ridge. Bill calls it justice. They kiss. Steffy calls Taylor, who tells her Thomas was being blindsided, but now it's not going to happen. She tells her to thank Bill. Steffy hangs up and fills Bill in on what's happening at Forrester. They talk about being in control of Forrester one day. Bill says, "Who says business can't be a turn on?" He asks to see her bedroom. Upstairs, Steffy tells Bill she's getting a new place soon. Bill says she's incredible. Steffy says she can't be the other woman. Bill says he'll leave Katie. Steffy dons some lingerie and things get steamy as Bill takes her to the bed.

After overhearing Taylor's phone conversation at Forrester, Ridge and the others question her about discussing the shares with Bill Spencer. Taylor says they want everything to go back to the way it was, but it isn't going to be that way ever again. Taylor tells Stephanie if she gives the shares back it condones what she did. They all agree, saying that's why Thomas was signing them back over. Taylor disagrees with Ridge making Thomas go back to shipping - she says his mother is to blame for everything. Thomas protests, but Taylor says he should have been able to trust his grandmother. Taylor tells Ridge that his other family is heartbroken and she's not allowing them to lose one more thing. Brooke asks if this is all because Ridge is with her and not Taylor. Taylor denies it. She says she raised her children to act decently and good things would come to them. Taylor tells Thomas she'll make sure the shares stay with him. Ridge asks Taylor if she's telling him that the day he loses his mother, he'll also lose Forrester Creations. Taylor intones, "That's the way it's going to be." Once alone, Brooke tells Ridge he shouldn't count on Taylor backing down - she honestly believes her children are the rightful heirs to Forrester. They wonder if Stephanie will learn from this. Brooke says her heart goes out to her. Ridge thinks she's amazing.

Taylor walks into the house and tries Steffy's bedroom door which is locked. Steffy says it's not a good time. Taylor asks if she has someone in there and insists she open the door.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor is shocked by what she learns about Steffy.

Bill's sister, Karen, arrives in Los Angeles.

Katie has a surprise in the works.

Stephanie appeals to Brooke again.

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