At Forrester, Ridge and Brooke kiss, and he wishes everyone could be as happy as they are. He reflects on his other family feeling abandoned - it was all so unnecessary. Stephanie arrives and Ridge tells her he doesn't think it was fair for her to offer Thomas her shares - he wants her to change her will. Stephanie explains that it's an irrevocable living trust. Thomas comes to the door and says he wants to accept responsibility for what he did and apologizes. He asks Ridge what the consequences will be. Ridge says he's canceling Taboo - he'll be reporting to Thorne in shipping from now on. Ridge also asks him to give up his grandmother's shares in Forrester to redeem himself.

In Thomas's office, Hope tells Steffy she doesn't want to fight with her. She tells her to remember that the reason her parents reunited in the first place was because of a lie. Steffy angrily tells her to go ahead and gloat. Hope protests that her mother is not the slut everyone made her out to be. Steffy says she wouldn't go that far, and she can't understand why Ridge chooses her over them. Steffy admits she's angry at Thomas and her grandmother, but says Thomas made one hell of a deal. Hope says what her parents have together is once in a lifetime, but Ridge loves them all. Steffy thinks it's easy for her to say - she won.

At home, Taylor thinks about how she'll never stop loving Ridge. She is surprised to find Bill at her door and invites him in. He says he heard what happened. Taylor says it's been very difficult for Steffy. Bill notes that Ridge is always putting them second to Brooke. Taylor muses that she doesn't really blame Ridge this time. Bill feels Thomas must have really wanted them to reunite. Taylor tells him the reason he lied is because Stephanie offered him her shares - he'll inherit them when she dies. Bill looks at the copy of the will and tells Taylor not to let Thomas sign the shares back to Stephanie. Steffy comes in and he repeats his advice. Taylor and Steffy agree that Thomas should keep them. Taylor heads to Forrester. Steffy and Bill kiss. They talk about how they'll have controlling interest in Forrester one day.

As Thomas is signing Stephanie's shares over to Ridge so he can distribute them among family one day, Taylor bursts into the office and says she is the trustee and must sign as well - and they're not giving back the shares!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge has an opinion on Stephanie's shares.

Steffy takes Bill to her room.

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