Ridge keeps trying to reach Steffy from home. Brooke, Hope, and Liam all wonder where she could have gone. Ridge says she feels abandoned right now - she's vulnerable. He wants to know she's in good hands. He and Brooke go upstairs, and Hope and Liam chat alone about how much has happened today. She thanks him for being supportive. He talks about his business trip and kisses her goodbye. Upstairs, Ridge apologizes to Brooke once again. She says all this has hurt Thomas more than her - she has him and that's all she cares about. He expresses more guilt about Steffy, but thinks that Brooke has suffered the most. He doesn't know how he could ever have doubted her. They make love. After, Brooke says she can't believe he's back. He feels they've passed a test.

At the Malibu house, Bill and Steffy kiss and he says he loves her. Bill assures her she's not alone and they kiss some more. Steffy is amazed that Bill called when she needed him most. She groans that she sounds pathetic, carrying on about her father abandoning her. Bill offers some understanding, and assures her that her mother will get through this, and so will she. He encourages her to let the feelings she's having empower her - to use this to fuel her. She complains that it's not that easy, but Bill thinks she just has to make a choice. He points out that she chose to let Ridge make her feel rejected, and she shouldn't do that to herself. Steffy rants that it hurts, and it doesn't seem to matter to Ridge at all. Bill disagrees, saying Ridge cares about her deeply, unlike his father. He reminds her the only life she can control is her own and explains that Ridge can't walk away from his feelings for Brooke - he understands that. Steffy muses that she can't have either of the men she wants in her life. Bill says that isn't true. He tells her she has to let this go with Ridge, and he will help her - he's going to be right by her side. They embrace. Liam walks in and sees them together.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam wants answers.

Taylor becomes upset when Ridge picks up his things from her house.

Steffy hold Thomas responsible.

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