At Taylor's house, Ridge tells Steffy they'll always be a family. She pleads with him not to leave them for Brooke - she can't go through this again. Ridge says his marriage to Brooke never would have ended if not for the lie. He reminds her that there is RJ to think about as well. Steffy cries, "What about me?" Ridge points out that RJ is young, and she doesn't even live at home anymore. He's sorry he can't do what she's asking. Steffy orders him to just go. Ridge says he has to do what's right for him too - he's not abandoning her. He exits, and Steffy sobs.

In his office, Bill recalls telling Steffy he loves her. Justin comes in and Bill tells him the latest on Ridge's love life, saying it's good news for Katie, but not so good for Steffy. Justin points out that Steffy's not five years-old. Bill says it doesn't matter - he saw them interact as a family in the South Pacific. Justin sighs and gets Bill to sign some papers before leaving. Bill thinks about Steffy some more.

At home, Brooke tells Donna, Katie, and Hope about Stephanie singing in the restaurant. Liam comes to the door. Hope greets him happily and says her parents are back together. Ridge comes back and says Steffy's in a bad place right now - almost delusional. He tries to get Steffy on the phone, but can't. Donna and Katie congratulate them on being back together. Katie is inspired to do something wonderful for Bill. She tells Ridge not to worry about Steffy - she's probably with a friend. They leave, and Hope says goodbye to Liam. Brooke tries to reassure Ridge about Steffy.

Sobbing, Steffy drives in the rain. Her phone rings - it's Bill. He says she shouldn't be driving. Steffy cries that nothing matters. He tells her to go to his house in Malibu. While driving she has a near miss and swerves. She ignores a call from Ridge, gets out in the rain, and pounds on the door of the Malibu house. Bill pulls up and they embrace. Inside, Bill tells Steffy that Liam was leaving for a business trip, so they have the place to themselves. Steffy talks about the situation with Ridge, saying he left her at the altar too. Bill says she's not alone - she has him. He lists all the things she has going for her, and says that when he told her he loved her, he meant it. Bill says, "I'm captivated by you, my beautiful Steffy." They kiss.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Taylor gets an offer.

Brooke and Ridge revel in being back together.

Liam gets a shock.

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