At home, Thomas tries to get his mother to talk to him. Taylor says she doesn't know how he could do something so horrible. Steffy enters and asks why Stephanie stopped the wedding. Thomas tells Steffy that nothing happened between him and Brooke on the island - Stephanie convinced him to lie in exchange for her 25% of the company. Steffy becomes enraged and flies across the room to attack Thomas. She rants that their mother was left at the altar again, and they don't have their father again - because of him. Taylor points out Stephanie's culpability. Steffy is angry at her too, but thinks Thomas sold their family out. She realizes Ridge has gone back to Brooke - she can't accept that.

Katie joins Bill in his office - they've missed each other. They discuss Ridge and Brooke being back together. Katie says her sister thought she lost the love of her life, but got him back. They kiss. Bill wonders if there's a story behind Ridge and Taylor's wedding not happening. Katie explains the whole scenario - off the record. Bill comments that Taylor's family must be miserable tonight. Katie agrees, saying she feels bad for Taylor, and even Steffy. Bill feels it's just not right. Katie says she's going to Brooke's house and Bill opts to stay at work. He thinks about telling Steffy he loves her.

At the restaurant, Eric and Stephanie down shots. Ridge asks Brooke since when did his mother become a chanteuse? Brooke assures him that she and Stephanie understand each other. Jackie and Owen say goodbye, and Ridge invites his parents to sit down. Ridge tells Stephanie it's going to take a lot more than a song to make up for what she did. Eric apologizes to Brooke for doubting her. Brooke comments that Stephanie is a much better manipulator than she is a singer. Stephanie talks about her betrayal. Ridge says there's a long list. Stephanie realizes he may not forgive her, but hopes she hasn't lost him. Stephanie remarks that she'll be redeeming herself until her last breath. Ridge gets a call from Taylor who tells him Steffy is very upset. He hangs up and tells the others. Brooke tells him to go. Stephanie offers to come, but Ridge says she's the last person Steffy would want to see.

At Taylor's house, Steffy is telling her family that it's their turn to have Ridge back, when he comes through the door. He apologizes to Taylor, who says knowing the truth doesn't make her love him any less. Steffy asks him to stay. Taylor and Thomas leave the room and Steffy asks Ridge not to walk out on them again. Ridge tells Steffy he loves her, and loves her mother - he feels terrible. He says they'll always be family. Steffy states her case for having her family back together and cries.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill tells Steffy to meet him at the house in Malibu.

Steffy is too upset to be driving.

Ridge wants to find Steffy right away.

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