At Brooke's house, Stephanie continues to try to make amends. She wants Brooke to hear her out. Stephanie tells Brooke that she saw an opportunity to get her out of Ridge's life when she heard about the berries, and she manipulated Thomas. She admits it was shameful, shrugging, "Old patterns." Stephanie tells Brooke she's not the same person she met years ago - she no longer has the moral high ground; now it's Brooke's. Stephanie tells her how amazed she was that she didn't crumble, and even started the foundation. She says she was really wrong about her, and assures her she'll go to her grave trying to make it right. When Brooke doesn't speak, Stephanie rants on, saying she'll do anything to make amends. Brooke asks, "Anything?"

Ridge finds Hope in her room and tells her Stephanie is downstairs with Brooke. He tells her he's not marrying Taylor - the whole thing with Thomas was a lie. Hope is thrilled that he's not leaving them. They hug. Ridge fills her in on Stephanie stopping the ceremony. They discuss Thomas. Hope is glad her mom won't be branded now and they can go back to normal. They realize things won't be easy for all of them, especially with Thomas.

At the Forrester mansion, Eric discusses Stephanie with Felicia. Felicia thinks she's only gone to apologize to Brooke to get back in Ridge's good graces and wonders if she'll ever learn. Thorne comments that mother knows she was way out of bounds on this one. Eric worries about Brooke and Hope. Felicia thinks Brooke will be forgiving and Hope will be glad Ridge isn't going anywhere. Eric gets a call from Stephanie asking for his help. He seems confused, but assures her he's on his way. After he goes, Felicia and Thorne puzzle over where Eric has gone. Felicia says, "Why Mother? Why the big mystery?"

Ridge and Brooke arrive at an elegant restaurant dressed to the nines. Jackie and Owen are stunned to see them and quickly get up to speed. Jackie murmurs that Stephanie will have kittens...maybe even a cow. Brooke just smiles. They sit down and Ridge tells Brooke he feels terrible for Taylor, Steffy, and Thomas, who are all hurting. Brooke says Stephanie is responsible. Ridge asks how she proposed to make amends. Brooke says she told her she would do anything to make it up to her, so she told her what she wanted and will now see if she delivers. At the piano, Stephanie downs a few shots, picks up the microphone, and begins to sing about hurting those you care about most to Brooke. Eric, playing piano joins the others in applauding at the end.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Steffy learns the full extent of the deceit.

Katie tells Bill what happened at Ridge and Taylor's wedding ceremony.

Eric assists Stephanie in coming up with a way to right her wrongs.

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