In Brooke's living room, Thomas struggles for words. Brooke says he didn't have to do what Stephanie said - he made the choice to stab her in the back. Ridge says there's no defense for what he did. Thomas asks to speak to Brooke alone. Brooke asks Thomas what he had to gain. Thomas says everything he ever wanted. Brooke tells him she defended him. Thomas talks about wanting his parents back together, but admits that he lied because he was jealous of Steffy's position in the company and Stephanie offered him her shares. Brooke says she liked him better when she thought he did it for his mother. Thomas tells her he's lost Dayzee too. Brooke says she can't work with him anymore and calls Ridge back. Thomas tells them he'll prove he's sorry with his actions.

Eric walks into the Forrester mansion and asks Stephanie why she stopped the wedding - was it about Thomas and Brooke? Stephanie grumbles that if they were on the island a couple more days it would have happened. Eric asks for clarification. She admits she convinced Thomas to lie and say he slept with Brooke. Eric tells her Brooke loves her - she's no threat. Stephanie rants that she doesn't know how to battle the cancer - the only fight she knows how to win is the one with Brooke! Eric can't understand why Thomas went along with it. Stephanie admits she offered him an incentive. Eric is stunned. He says, "I thought you had changed." Stephanie protests that she didn't go through with it. Eric scoffs that she took Taylor down with the others. He rants that she set Thomas up. Stephanie sighs that he's right. She cries and wonders why she is filled with anger and needs to be in control. Is the cancer God's way of showing her she's not in control? Eric soothes that she hasn't died, and reminds her who she has to thank for that.

In the Forrester living room, Eric pops the cork on a bottle of champagne and tells Thorne he might as well tie one on. Thorne asks where Stephanie is, and Eric says she's like a heat-seeking missile - she's probably headed where she's least wanted. Thorne takes his wedding gift and heads out saying his life is much saner when he the family doesn't pay him any attention.

Ridge and Brooke are discussing Thomas realizing that he only hurt himself when there's a knock at their door. It's Stephanie. Brooke lets her in and she apologizes repeatedly, saying she violated every principle she had. She asks her not to blame Thomas - she twisted every pure feeling he had for her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Hope feels vindicated when she learns that she was right about Thomas.

Stephanie attempts to explain her actions to Brooke.

Thorne and Felicia speculate on the future of Eric and Stephanie's union.

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