At the bottom of the fountain, Brooke looks up to see Ridge standing there. Brooke asks, "The wedding?" He kisses her deeply and then says it didn't happen because Thomas lied. Brooke asks why he would do that. Ridge says his mother got to Thomas. Ridge growls that he should never have walked away from her. He kisses her again, and they say they love each other. Ridge tells her they're going to live the dream and grow old together, saying, "I am yours forever." They go inside and find Stephen, along with Brooke's sisters and RJ. Ridge tells RJ that he's come home. Everyone beams as Ridge and Brooke kiss. RJ heads upstairs and Ridge tells the others that the wedding was stopped because Thomas lied.

At the Forrester mansion, Stephanie tells Taylor that she told everyone to leave. Taylor tells her and Thomas that she doesn't want to talk to them, she doesn't even want to look at them. Thomas says he wanted to confess and Stephanie stabbed him in the back. He goes, and Taylor asks Stephanie how she could do this to her. Stephanie admits they lied and she kept talking Thomas out of confessing. Taylor rages that she thought it was Brooke corrupting him and it was her - she used her grandson for nothing! Taylor is mortified at the level Stephanie sunk to, taking her son with her. Stephanie tries to justify her actions. Taylor's having none of it. She says Brooke did nothing wrong. Stephanie shrugs that Taylor wanted to believe it. Taylor angrily tells her not to try to make her culpable - she alone is responsible. Stephanie scoffs at Brooke being a victim. Taylor says she's not the only one, and comments on Stephanie not changing. She gives her back her ring and storms out.

Dayzee catches up with Thomas in the guest house. She says she couldn't leave. They discuss the situation. Dayzee angrily says he was going to let his mother go ahead and get married. Thomas says he wanted his mom and dad back together. Dayzee says he let his mother walk down the aisle - she thought he was better than that. She questions his integrity, asking what kind of a man sells out his own mother. Thomas makes a plea for her to understand, but she moves toward the door. He stops her and kisses her, but she pulls away and leaves.

At home, Ridge cuddles Brooke on the sofa and apologizes for what she went through. Thomas turns up and Brooke reminds him that she supported him and they had a special bond - she thought he cared about her. She asks why he saved her life only to do this to her!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric is shocked at what his wife has done.

Thorne tells Eric what he thinks of their family.

Stephanie visits Brooke with the intention of making amends.

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