At the Forrester Mansion, Stephanie announces the she doesn't want the wedding to continue until she speaks to Taylor and Ridge alone. Steffy takes the guests to the guesthouse. Stephanie asks Thomas to stay. Taylor wants to know why Stephanie interrupted her wedding. Stephanie says she needs to tell them the truth about what happened between Thomas and Brooke on the island. They're bewildered and shocked that she wants Thomas to rehash the incident. Stephanie sighs that they don't know the truth and she can't let them get married until they do. After a few false starts, Stephanie tells them that she convinced Thomas to lie. She says, "Brooke and Thom didn't sleep together." Ridge's eyes grow wide. Stephanie apologizes and suggests they continue with the wedding. Ridge turns to Thomas, who says their clothes were on - nothing happened. Ridge shouts at Thomas. Stephanie murmurs that everyone knows Brooke has no decency. Ridge roars, "Brooke has no decency?" Stephanie insists this shouldn't change the wedding.

In the guesthouse, Nick speculates on whether they're violating the fire code. Thorne wonders what's going on and Felicia advises him not to go back to see - she saw the look on their mother's face! Pam grills Steffy on what sort of kitchen supplies they have in the guesthouse - she can't let everyone starve while they're waiting. Thorne and Felicia continue to speculate on why Stephanie would stop Ridge and Taylor's ceremony. Jackie wants a drink, and complains that it's the worst Forrester wedding she's ever been to. Nick watches her and Owen and admits he likes the way he loves her. Steffy chats to Dayzee, who is surprised she's being so nice. Steffy thinks she's good for her brother. She asks if Dayzee knows why Stephanie asked Thomas to stay behind. Marcus interrupts, sending Steffy to help Pam. Oliver tells Steffy not to worry, but she says she has to find out what's going on.

Brooke stands on her terrace with tears in her eyes thinking back on good times with Ridge. Back inside, Stephen tells her that Liam and Hope took RJ out. Brooke hopes once Ridge and Taylor are married it will be easier for her to move on. Stephen and Brooke bicker about how guilty she should feel about the island. Brooke cries that she hurt Ridge too many times and now she has to pay for it. Stephen holds her and tells her how much her family loves her.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke tells her father she needs to be by herself and then causes him panic by disappearing.

Steffy grills Dayzee about Stephanie and Thomas's secret.

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