Taylor walks down the aisle to join Ridge as everyone looks on at the Forrester Mansion. Thomas looks distracted as the ceremony begins. Stephanie watches Thomas warily as he is asked to do the reading. He does it without incidence. Ridge says his own vows, and includes Steffy and Thomas in them. He tells Thomas it's a new beginning for them based on trust, noting that they've never purposely hurt each other. He tells Taylor that he misplaced his trust before, but she will give him security. Thomas has tears in his eyes and shakes his head. Taylor begins her vows; she talks about how amazing Stephanie is throughout. She tells Ridge how happy she is, and Dayzee watches Thomas. Stephanie and Thomas appear to wrestle with their guilt as the ceremony continues. When the reverend asks if anyone knows any reason why they shouldn't be married, Thomas opens his mouth to speak, but is cut off by Stephanie, who says she has something to say.

At home, Brooke plays video games with RJ. He misses his dad and wishes he would come home. Hope and Liam come in. Hope hugs Brooke and tells her they'll make it through this day together. As Liam plays with RJ, Hope tries to convince Brooke to go stop the wedding. Brooke can't expect Ridge to love her after what happened with Thomas. Hope doesn't even think it happened. Brooke says he wouldn't lie. Liam catches up with Hope on the terrace and says RJ knows something is wrong. He tells Hope they should respect Brooke's decision. Hope blames Thomas, prompting Liam to ask what she means. Hope says Brooke is paying the price for Thomas lying, and that Ridge and Brooke will never be happy apart. Liam thinks everything will work out how it's supposed to. Inside the house, Brooke sits with Stephen who has come to provide support. He says her sisters told him what this is about, and he doesn't think she should heap so much blame on herself. Brooke says it's going to haunt her forever. They bicker about her 'rescuing' Ridge by handing him over to Taylor. Stephen can't believe they couldn't get beyond this. Brooke says Ridge deserves a better life, and she needs to turn her life around.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Dayzee and Steffy make peace.

Brooke hopes she can move on.

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