Taylor wakes up at home to a call from Ridge. She tells him how empty the bed seems, and he tells her everyone is getting ready for the wedding.

Ridge greets Stephanie in her living room and says he's going over to Brooke's house to see RJ. Ridge leaves and Thomas appears, telling Stephanie he doesn't like this. She urges him not to take his mother's joy from her. When Stephanie goes to place some flowers, Hope enters and tells Thomas she's giving him one last chance to come clean. They bicker until Stephanie interrupts them. Hope leaves, and Thomas tells Stephanie that she knows. Stephanie spits at him to just stop it. Soon Taylor arrives and asks where Ridge is at. Stephanie says he went to see RJ.

Ridge arrives at Brooke's house where an enthusiastic RJ greets him. Once he goes upstairs, Brooke and Ridge discuss telling him what's going on when the time is right. Brooke tells Ridge he'll be happy and stable with Taylor. Ridge goes to check on RJ. When he comes back down, Brooke is wistfully looking over the garden. They talk about the life they had hoped to share there. Brooke gives him a rose to use as a boutonniere. He goes and she sobs.

Thomas meets up with Dayzee outside the Forrester Mansion. She urges him to tell somebody the truth - this wedding is all wrong and he knows it. Suddenly, Ridge appears. Dayzee prompts Thomas to confess. He thanks Ridge for making his mom happy. Dayzee sighs.

In the Forrester guest house, Steffy crows to Taylor about the huge weight that's been lifted off their family. She thinks Brooke should just move away and take the other Logans with her. She admits Hope is a sweet girl, but it's only a matter of time before she turns into her mother. Steffy gives Taylor a bracelet that belonged to Phoebe. Stephanie and Thomas look in and smile.

Felicia arrives at the Forrester Mansion for the wedding and teases her mother. Thorne and Eric discuss how the wedding isn't a good idea. Oliver and Marcus chat - Oliver is the photographer. Pam rushes in with baked goods. Nick notices Stephanie coughing and Eric joins them. Nick tells Eric he thinks the wedding came about too quickly. As everyone gathers for the ceremony, Stephanie confronts Dayzee about glaring at her. Dayzee tells her and Thomas this is vindictive and cruel. Stephanie hisses that she needs to behave or leave. Thomas follows his grandmother as the wedding march begins.

At home, Hope tries to get Brooke to eat, but she's too upset. She says this is how it has to be.

Spoilers For Tomorrow On The Bold And The Beautiful:

Liam and Hope keep Brooke company.

Brooke and Hope have more words about Thomas.

Guilty feelings eat at Stephanie and Thomas.

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