At Taylor's in the bedroom, Stephanie appeals to Thomas to keep quiet and not ruin his mother's wedding. Thomas says they stole Brooke's life and he's going to tell the truth. Stephanie counters that he made a decision and needs to go through with it. She then questions if he's man enough. Dayzee steps in and Stephanie tells her it's none of her affair. Dayzee says what she's doing to Thomas is her business. Stephanie scoffs at her, and warns Thomas if he talks he'll destroy what's left of his relationship with Ridge. Stephanie runs down Brooke's list of past sins. Dayzee confronts Stephanie about using Thomas to fight her battles. Stephanie says it's for Thomas and his family that she's doing this - an eye for an eye.

Downstairs at Taylor's, Steffy starts a shower game, 'How Well Do You Know Your Groom'? Stephanie rejoins the party, followed by Dayzee and Thomas. Taylor says Thomas can stay. Steffy asks them all to tell the best advice their mother gave them. Thomas says his mother told him not to be afraid to be wrong. Taylor says Stephanie, her surrogate mother, told her to just trust and persevere and everything will turn around. Stephanie crows that tomorrow will be the culmination of that. She hugs Taylor.

Ridge visits Eric at home. Eric wonders why he's rushing into this marriage with Taylor. Ridge acknowledges that it's been fast, saying maybe he's afraid if he waits he'll forgive Brooke. Eric doesn't trust himself to comment on Brooke right now. He raises the issue of how Ridge slept with Brooke when he was married to her. He reflects on how your son sleeping with your wife changes you. Ridge asks him to be his best man, saying Thomas can't be. Eric feels strongly he shouldn't be marrying Taylor at all, but agrees to be his last resort. Eric wonders what sort of speech he should give - how they always competed for a woman's attention? Ridge never wants to discuss that again.

At Brooke's house, Hope tries to cheer her mother. Donna and Katie arrive with plans to cook for her, but she dissolves in tears over having driven Ridge away. Brooke doesn't know how they can even look at her. She excuses herself. Hope tells her aunts that her mother should march over to Taylor's and tell them Thomas is lying. She quizzes Donna and Katie about being under the influence of drugs, asking if it could make you do something you would never do in the first place. Brooke reappears and says no. Hope wonders, then, why she believes she slept with Thomas. Brooke says most of her adult life Stephanie has told her she has no morals, so the berries didn't change her. Brooke steps outside to think about Ridge, and Hope tells her aunts that her mother will not be okay.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge goes to see Brooke and RJ before his wedding.

Brooke gives Ridge a souvenir to remember their relationship.

Hope and Dayzee each appeal to Thomas and Stephanie about the need to reveal the truth.

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