Thomas pumps iron at the Forrester outdoor gym. Dayzee joins him and asks if he's ready. He says he is - he's ready to tell his grandmother that their lie has to be exposed. He tells Dayzee she made him see how wrong it was to do it. Dayzee says he's human - he just wanted his parents together. Thomas feels bad about blowing up his mother's happiness. Dayzee says he's been miserable - everybody could see it - and now he won't have to be. They hug.

Steffy is with Stephanie at Taylor's house preparing for her shower. Steffy notices her grandmother's subdued mood. Taylor comes in and thanks Stephanie for doing all of this. Steffy hugs her mom and talks about her dream coming true. The guests arrive and Steffy remarks that they're just waiting for Dayzee. Pam and Jackie squeal as Taylor opens a leopard print nightie. Thomas and Dayzee enter and ask to speak to Stephanie in the bedroom.

Liam and Hope wake up together at the Malibu house. She is full of bliss and marvels at how great he is not to have pressured her once. Bill arrives and takes note of Hope having spent the night. She leaves, and Bill tells Liam he likes her. Bill learns that Liam and Hope didn't sleep together, and says he's a better man than him. Liam sighs that she wants to wait until marriage, so he'll do that. Bill guesses he's proud of him. Liam says being with her is enough - for now. They get to talking about Hope's parents breaking up. Bill theorizes that it has something to do with Taboo - or Tommy himself.

At home, Brooke thinks back to Thomas telling her they made love. Hope comes in and says she spent the whole night in Liam's arms. She adds that they didn't make love though - she wants to wait until they get married. Brooke hugs her. Hope talks to Brooke about forgiving herself. She mentions most of her foundation board members are at a shower for Taylor. Hope says something just doesn't feel right about all of this.

In the bedroom at Taylor's house, Thomas tells Stephanie that she knows exactly why he wants to talk to her. Dayzee steps in and says he had to tell someone. Stephanie is angry and winds up in an intense argument with Dayzee. Stephanie tells Thomas his mother is happy, and none of this can leave this room. Thomas says his mother could never be happy knowing this is based on a lie. He asks how she expects him to be happy in a family manufactured by his own deception. Thomas informs her that he's telling the truth - he's finished.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Ridge and Eric talk.

Hope presses Thomas to tell the truth.

Brooke gives Ridge a souvenir of their time together.

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