In her living room mirror, Stephanie tells herself that Brooke's not the liar, she is. Eric watches and accuses her of obsessing over Brooke. Stephanie claims she was thinking about all the horrible things Brooke has done. Eric doesn't like what he sees, and wants to know what is going on so he can help. Stephanie talks about Ridge and Taylor getting back together. Eric hugs her and he goes back upstairs. Stephanie looks at Thomas's photo and thinks back to some of her clashes with Brooke over the years and concludes that she had no choice. Suddenly, Brooke looks back from the mirror. Stephanie then recalls some good memories.

At Thomas's house, Dayzee asks him why he would do this to Brooke - he loves her. Thomas admits that Stephanie came to him and offered him her 25% of the company. He says it's been eating him up inside. Dayzee thinks there is more to it. Thomas tries to explain about Taylor and Ridge. He says he doesn't know how he got himself wrapped up in this, and doesn't know what to do. Dayzee thinks he knows exactly what he has to do - he needs to step forward with the truth. Dayzee says she'll be by his side.

Brooke, Katie, and Donna admire Marcus's newborn at his place. Amber arrives and is discomfited to see them all there. Marcus tells Amber it's not an ambush. Brooke is about to say a few choice words to Amber when the baby cries. Amber goes to her daughter. Brooke follows and says that Marcus is a good man who will find her a place to stay. The subject of Hope is broached, and Amber huffs that she knows she has a lot to make up for - she regrets going along with Tawny's scheme. Brooke urges her to do right by her baby. Amber says she'll do it right this time. She tells them all that she knows she has to change because she has a little life depending on her. Amber is glad Rosie will be a strong Logan woman.

At the Malibu house, Liam and Hope kiss passionately. Hope stops him, saying she knows he really wants this but... Liam acknowledges that it's a big step. Hope says after all they've been through, she wants to wait until everything is right. Liam asks, "You want to wait until marriage?" Hope knows it's old-fashioned. Liam says he'll wait, but jokes he'll take a lot of cold showers. He promises not to push her. She trusts him.

Back at home, Brooke smiles as she works on the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. She then turns out the lights and cradles a photo of Ridge.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie struggles with her feelings for Taylor and Brooke.

Bill wants to get to the bottom of Ridge and Brooke's marital woes.

Stephanie learns that someone knows about her and Thomas's deception.

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