At home, Brooke answers the door to Taylor, who says she wanted to stop by and make some things clear. They discuss the kids. Brooke says Hope knows what's happening and that she and Ridge will tell RJ together. Taylor informs her that she and Ridge don't want to wait - they're getting married the day after tomorrow. Brooke puts on a brave face, saying they all have to move on. Taylor marvels at how well she's taking the news. Brooke asks her to focus on making Ridge happy, and says she hopes they have a long and happy life together. They embrace.

Stephanie thinks about her last interaction with Brooke as she pours a drink in her living room. Eric asks if she's alright. She admits she's been to see Brooke, and says she wants no part of being associated with her through the foundation. She marvels at Brooke's ability to get people to do things they never thought they'd do. Eric muses that he can't believe what happened between Brooke and Thomas. Stephanie says everything will come out right in the end. Eric heads upstairs. Stephanie appears to wrestle with her conscience, and walks to the mirror. She says, "Who's the liar now? Who are you, Stephanie?"

Dayzee is at Thomas's house. He pours them some bubbly and wants to head to the pool, but Dayzee doesn't budge. She wants to stay there and talk about what's going on with him. She thinks he and Brooke have both changed since being on the island. Thomas is angry about her inquisition and states that he's fine. Dayzee doesn't believe it. She urges him to confide in her. Dayzee says she can see he's ashamed and thinks it will only get worse. Thomas agrees, saying he should be ashamed. Dayzee points out that he's a good person. Thomas tells her about the hallucinogenic berries and the connection it gave him and Brooke. Dayzee asks if they made love. Thomas says it didn't happen, but he told Brooke it did. Dayzee tries to understand, and Thomas makes an effort to explain. Dayzee asks if someone else was involved. Thomas says it was all Stephanie's idea.

In the Malibu house, Hope tells Liam she feels like they're the only two people in the world. She wonders where Amber will go. Liam says it's nothing to do with him. Hope is glad to have their life together back and kisses him. Liam talks about how the house is theirs to have fun in. Hope says they are so much stronger now, nothing can tear them apart.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Stephanie's in a bit of a bind.

Amber is uncomfortable with her daughter's paternal family.

Thomas continues to try to explain his actions to Dayzee.

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