Dayzee visits Brooke at home. She asks what happened between her and Ridge, but Brooke doesn't want to discuss it. Brooke says she wants her help with the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Brooke decides to call Stephanie and ask her to join them.

At Taylor's house, she talks about her wedding but Stephanie is distracted. Taylor asks if she's okay. Stephanie gets a call from Brooke and leaves. Ridge comes in as she's on her way out. Stephanie tells him all she ever wanted was for him to be happy. Ridge tells Taylor he went to see Brooke and tell her about the proposal. He admits it was very difficult.

Liam and Bill arrive at the Malibu house. Amber, who was expecting them, says Rosie is with Marcus. She suggests they get on with it, saying they obviously came to give her the boot. Bill is pleased to hear that she's already packed and tells her to hurry along. Liam moves away to call Hope to ask her to come to the house.

Steffy and Hope continue to bicker about their parents at Forrester. Steffy says Ridge is remarrying her mother and there's nothing Hope can do about it. Hope gets a call from Liam and says she has to go. Steffy says she doesn't want to see Hope get her heart broken over Taylor and Ridge's reunion. Hope tells Steffy that she is the one who will end up heartbroken since Ridge belongs with Brooke, not Taylor.

Hope arrives at the Malibu house as Bill is snarking at Amber that she still managed to come into money, but at least it's not Spencer money. Amber muses that Hope must have come for the big event. Amber tells Hope she is sorry for all that happened and maybe someday she'll be able to make it up to her. Amber also tells Liam he deserves better than what she was doing to him. Bill sternly tells her goodbye. After she's gone, Bill tells Liam to call a hazmat crew to come and clean and then he can keep the key. Liam is stoked and throws his arms around his father. Bill goes, and Liam celebrates with Hope. He decides this will be the summer of their lives.

Steffy gets home to find Taylor with Ridge. Taylor asks her daughter to be her maid of honor. Steffy is excited. Taylor tells her Stephanie will be standing up with her too, but right now she's with Brooke. Taylor sits down with Ridge, who is glum. He says he can't get his bearings and feels overwhelmed. Taylor reassures him and offers to marry him on the spot, if he wants. He says soon.

Stephanie, Nick, and Jackie all arrive at Brooke's house to help out with the foundation. When Stephanie expresses skepticism about the venture, Jackie wonders how she could even consider refusing Brooke's gesture. Brooke talks about throwing a few fundraisers each year. Stephanie's reluctance continues. Everyone assures her she deserves the honor. Brooke asks Stephanie to stay a moment when the others leave. Brooke checks on RJ, and tells Stephanie it's a difficult transition for him. Stephanie offers support. Brooke says she's lucky to have her in her life. Stephanie deflects the compliment, but Brooke continues to heap it on, and then hugs her. Stephanie looks guilty.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Dayzee tries to find out what's going on with Thomas.

Liam and Hope have something to be happy about.

Eric wonders what's bothering Stephanie.

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