At home, Brooke looks at a photo of her and Ridge and thinks about Stephanie telling her he'd just proposed to Taylor. Hope appears and confronts her about burying herself in the foundation project. She questions why she'd even want to work with Stephanie. Brooke says Stephanie doesn't hate her, just what she did to Thomas. Hope is astounded to learn that Brooke gave Ridge and Taylor her blessing to remarry. Hope tells her she'll have to forgive herself at some point. Brooke muses that Katie and Donna were disillusioned to hear what happened. Hope tells Brooke she has the support of her children.

At Forrester, Thorne bursts into the office where Ridge and Eric are working. He demands to know why Brooke left the company and why their marriage broke up. Ridge says it's between him and Brooke. He announces that he proposed to Taylor. Thorne thinks he's moving too fast and storms out saying it all sounds crazy. Eric assures Ridge that if Thorne knew what happened between Brooke and Thomas he'd feel differently. They discuss Brooke not being able to remember it - Eric thinks she blocked it out.

Taylor celebrates with Steffy and Stephanie at home. She can't believe she and Ridge are getting married again. Taylor and Stephanie sit down for tea and Taylor thanks her for the ring. Stephanie comments on Ridge and Taylor's long history. They talk about how Brooke has no morals and is out of Ridge's life.

Hope enters Steffy's office at Forrester. Steffy says she's handling her parents' reunion better than she thought. Hope scoffs that she really doesn't believe it will happen. They discuss Thomas's behavior and Hope lets Steffy know that she thinks Thomas is lying. Steffy is stunned, and tells Hope she's in denial. She says she, Thomas, and her mother deserve some happiness with Ridge. They bicker about their mothers. Hope points out that her mother allegedly slept with her brother, but Taylor definitely slept with her brother. Steffy gasps that Taylor and Rick were in a relationship - it was totally different. Hope says Brooke and Ridge still love each other and that will always win.

Ridge arrives at Brooke's place as she looks at a letter from her attorney. They discuss telling RJ about the divorce. Brooke tells him she still doesn't remember her betrayal on the island, but she's not going to stop trying until she does remember. He says what happened doesn't define her, but she says their life was shattered by her actions. He still wants to call her 'Logan'. She says she'll always be his 'Logan', and shows him the final divorce decree. Ridge admits he proposed to Taylor last night - he did what she wanted him to do. Brooke thinks they should marry quickly and begin the healing process. She says she'll always love him even though she has to let him go. He embraces her and they kiss. Ridge slowly walks out the door.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Liam and his father go to see Amber.

Taylor and Ridge plan their future.

Brooke focuses on the foundation.

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