At Brooke's house, Donna is aghast at her declaration that she slept with Thomas. Katie says it just doesn't make sense. Brooke says it doesn't make sense to her either and talks about the hallucinations and the energy between them. She admits that she doesn't remember the intimacy, only Thomas does. Brooke assures them she is going to repair herself.

Liam and Hope kiss in Bill's office. Bill arrives and teases that he's the only one who gets freaky in his office. Bill takes the opportunity to ask Hope what's up with her mother leaving Forrester Creations. Hope doesn't want to get into it. Bill asks about the Stephanie Forrester Foundation. Liam asks him to back off. Bill leaves for a meeting. Liam and Hope discuss Brooke's marriage breaking up. Hope says she can handle it as long as she has him.

After Ridge proposes in the living room, Taylor gasps, "I'm speechless." Ridge says he's home if she'll have him. Taylor says yes and they kiss. Ridge tells Steffy and Thomas that their mother has agreed to marry him. Steffy is thrilled but Thomas is stand-offish. They go outside. Steffy raves about how great it is that their parents found each other all on their own. Inside, Taylor admits to Ridge that she's nervous about reuniting. He reassures her. Thomas and Steffy go back inside and Ridge assures Thomas they will work through his issues as a family. Steffy draws their attention to her ring - Stephanie gave it to her for Ridge to put it to good use. Ridge takes the ring and talks about how Stephanie used to frustrate him by saying bad things about Brooke, the woman he loves. He muses that all that could have been avoided. Ridge tells Taylor he's taking the flight to safety and never looking back. He places the ring on her finger.

At Forrester, Marcus and Stephanie discuss him having a baby with Amber. They share a chuckle over it, but agree it will work out. Marcus says he came to talk to Eric about Amber and the baby taking the Forrester name, and asks her opinion on it. Later, Stephanie gets a call from Steffy saying Ridge proposed to Taylor.

Stephanie arrives at Brooke's house where she is doing work for the foundation. They bicker about her using Stephanie's name. Stephanie warns her that just because she lost Ridge doesn't mean she can latch onto her. Brooke insists she is doing it because Stephanie is her inspiration for being a better person. Stephanie says she came to tell her that Ridge just proposed to Taylor. Brooke's hands fly to her mouth and tears streak down her face. Stephanie sighs, shakes her head, and embraces Brooke.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Eric reminds Ridge about karma.

Steffy gloats to Hope.

Amber gets the boot.

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