Ridge arrives at Taylor's house still thinking of Brooke telling him to move on without her. Taylor appears and they talk about memories of when they were together in the house. She asks why he came. Ridge says he saw Brooke earlier, and she's changing her life. He feels he needs to change his too.

At home, Brooke looks at a photo of Ridge. Donna and Katie burst in and ask what's going on with her - they won't leave until she tells them. Katie mentions Hope celebrating her freedom from Amber, adding, "Sorry, Donna." Donna shrugs that they all have their problems. Katie and Donna press Brooke to tell them why she's been acting so bizarre. Brooke admits she not only quit her job but told Ridge to move forward with Taylor. Donna thinks she seems like the walking dead, and says she and Ridge still love each other. Katie and Donna are puzzled. Brooke explains that she had to take a hard look at herself. They can't believe she is acting like Taylor is a saint. Brooke sighs. She says she did something on that island after she ate the berries, blurting, "I slept with his son!"

At Forrester, Stephanie is exasperated with Thomas's continued guilty feelings. She rants that Brooke may not have done anything this time but she's done plenty in the past. She tells him this is his chance to make his mark on Forrester. Thomas counters, "Do I deserve it?" Steffy comes in and announces that Ridge is at Taylor's house. While Steffy is on the phone, Stephanie coaches Thomas to be okay with what he's done. Stephanie urges Thomas and Steffy to go home and spend time with their folks.

Thomas and Steffy arrive at home. Ridge stops Thomas from going to his room, saying no matter what happened, they're still a family and should be together. Taylor says Ridge wants to make some changes in his life. Ridge tells his children he regrets some of the decisions he's made. He says he still can't believe what happened on the island, but Brooke has proven to be dangerous and for that he's sorry. He says he came to their house because it's where he needs to be. Ridge recalls how great their family life once was, and takes Taylor's hand. Ridge says what Brooke did with Thomas was unforgivable. He wants to move on as a family, heal, and rebuild. Ridge tells Taylor this is their time; their beginning. Ridge proposes.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Bill uses Hope as a means to getting details for an article.

Donna and Katie struggle to understand their sister.

Stephanie is in a position to counsel Marcus.

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