At home, Brooke thinks about Thomas's confession and doesn't notice Ridge come in. He's worried about her and wonders if he can help. Ridge asks about RJ, who is at a friend's place. They then discuss Hope and Liam. Brooke talks about how a big lie pushed them apart, but their situation is different. She says his mother was right to want him with Taylor. Brooke tells Ridge that she asked Taylor to come over there earlier. She says she gave Taylor her wedding ring as a reminder to love him the way she couldn't. Ridge tells Brooke he wants to forgive her - he knows there were extenuating circumstances - but he can't get beyond it. Brooke is confused about blocking it out, but feels she's cost them everything. Brooke tells him she wants him to be with Taylor - she's already started the divorce. Ridge wants to slow this all down, but Brooke insists he needs to be there for Thomas, Steffy, and Taylor.

At Forrester, Stephanie looks at a photo of Thomas and recalls telling him to lie. Eric hangs up the phone from speaking to Marcus. He tells Stephanie Marcus is ready to take care of his baby. As Eric muses that Amber and Tawny's lie will come back on them - all lies do - Taylor comes in. She announces that Brooke has stepped aside so Ridge can be happy with her. She says Brooke is a different person now. Stephanie speculates about what Brooke's agenda might be. Taylor doesn't think she's up to anything. Stephanie asks Eric to leave her alone with Taylor. They agree that Brooke has amazed them.

Thomas paces at home and thinks about lying to Brooke and Ridge. He goes for a run and returns. An advertisement in a magazine makes him flash back to Paris with Brooke and all the supportive things she said to him. He rushes out of the house.

Thomas arrives at Forrester and comes upon Stephanie and Taylor. He mentions that he's been running to clear his head. His mother asks if he's okay. Stephanie jumps in to tell him that Brooke gave Taylor her blessing to get back together with Ridge. Taylor leaves and Stephanie tells Thomas his mother looks very happy. Thomas says it's a lie - she must be feeling guilty too. Stephanie feels the end justifies the means. She tells him they've started down this road and can't turn back.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke tells her sisters what she's been doing and accepts their support.

Thomas and Steffy learn that their parents are getting back together.

Thomas reacts in an unexpected way, making Steffy suspicious.

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