In the doorway of Big Bear cabin, Liam proclaims that he's not the father of Amber's child. He tells Oliver and Hope that Marcus is the father. Hope wonders how Amber expected to pull this off - even Amber's not that stupid! Liam tells her that Amber and Tawny thought the baby was fathered by Oliver. Oliver is forced to admit that he was with Amber. Hope is livid that he never told her. Oliver yells what did she expect - he loved her and she kept pushing him away. He says he's only human. Liam tells Hope the dark cloud is gone from over them. Oliver leaves. Hope and Liam kiss.

In Amber's hospital room, Tawny tells Amber that Marcus being the father has put a crimp in their plans. She leaves, and Justin, Donna, and Marcus go in and admire the baby. Marcus holds the baby for the first time. Donna warns Justin not to go off on Marcus right now. Donna leans down to Amber and chastises her for what she did to Liam. Marcus tells Donna this isn't the time. Donna says she'll cut her some slack because she's a new mother, but warns she won't let her take advantage of Marcus. Tawny returns and addresses the issue of a name. Amber suggests Ambrosia, and Marcus wants Rosie. Tawny is more concerned about the last name, which she thinks should be Forrester. Marcus makes it clear he won't be part of taking advantage of the Forresters. He accuses Tawny of seeing the baby as nothing more than a meal ticket. Amber kicks Tawny out. Marcus holds the baby and tells Amber she's their little angel. Amber dozes off and Marcus proudly shows his newborn to Donna, who says she's a miracle. Marcus tells the baby her mom might turn out to be alright too - stranger things have happened. Tawny returns later when Amber is alone and asks what their next move will be. Amber says she won't use her little girl. Tawny leaves. Marcus returns and Amber promises not to try to trap him - they're friends. Amber thanks him for their daughter, saying it's the happiest day of her life. They admire the baby together.

Bill proposes a toast in his office to Liam not being the father of Amber's child. Katie and Brooke raise their glasses, but flinch at the idea of being great aunts to Amber's child. They all discuss what a break this is for Liam and Hope. Katie exits the office and Brooke and Bill talk to Hope on speakerphone. Brooke and Hope agree she has her fairytale ending.

Still in the cabin, Hope hangs up from Brooke and tells Liam she is proud of him for sticking by Amber. She rants about Amber and Tawny for a moment, but Liam stops her with kisses. Later, Hope asks about his disappointment over not being a dad. Liam says he would have loved the baby, but he's not ready to be a father, and when he is he wants her to be the mother of his child. They kiss and declare their love.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke urges Ridge to move on without her.

Taylor fills Stephanie in on the latest with Brooke.

Ridge is stunned by Brooke's words.

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