At Big Bear, Oliver asks Hope to put on the engagement ring and make it official. Hope reminds him how she feels about Liam. Oliver points out that he has a baby now. Hope says there is a lot to think about and wonders what's going on at the hospital. Thunder booms and the power goes out. Hope ends up in Oliver's arms. He urges her to turn off her phone and forget about the baby.

Amber screams in pain as she labors in her hospital room. Liam hollers for her to keep pushing. The baby is delivered - it's a girl. The baby is placed into Amber's arms and Liam cuts the cord. Tawny notes that the skin is kind of dark and asks if she has jaundice. Carl prompts Amber, who turns to Liam and says she didn't know. Bill grabs the paternity test from Carl. Amber squeaks that the father is Marcus. Liam grits his teeth in anger over her lying to him. Bill confronts Tawny about fixing the first paternity test. She blurts that they thought it was Oliver's baby - does he think they're stupid? Liam asks Amber if they even had sex. Amber shakes her head and cries. Tawny exclaims that Amber still did right by the child - she's a Forrester! Bill grumbles that he can't prosecute them because it's Justin's grandchild. Liam storms out. Bill follows and tells Katie and Justin the baby is beautiful - she looks a lot like her grandfather. He places the cigar Justin gave him in Justin's pocket and offers congratulations. Liam gets in the elevator and tries unsuccessfully to reach Hope.

At Forrester, Marcus is kissing a model when another model walks in. She tells the other girl he was kissing her that way in Paris three weeks ago. Marcus talks about how he plans to stay free and easy. Just then he gets a call from Justin, telling him to get down to the hospital.

Liam goes to Forrester looking for Hope. Pam tells him she's at Big Bear with Oliver. She urges him to hurry.

Marcus arrives at the hospital. Justin tells him he was there to support Bill during the delivery and questions Marcus about his friendship with Amber. They go into Amber's hospital room. Marcus congratulates Amber and asks where Liam went. The nurse brings the baby in. Amber tells Marcus he is the father. Justin is skeptical, but Tawny insists they've already done the test. Marcus and Amber smile at each other.

Hope is pacing the room at Big Bear, wondering what decision to make. Oliver kisses her and says, "Marry me." Suddenly, Liam bursts in and tells Hope that it's not his baby - he is not the father!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver lets something slip while with Liam and Hope.

Amber struggles to choose a baby name.

Tawny gets the boot from the hospital room.

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