In the hospital room, Amber gasps at Carl that she has to know who the father of this child is before she delivers. Carl says it will take longer due to a glitch in the lab. Amber begs him to hurry up - they could be charged with fraud if it's the wrong dad.

In Bill's office, he gets a call from Liam that Amber is in labor. Bill hangs up and tells Justin and Katie he's about to become a grandfather.

Taylor arrives at Brooke's door at her request. Brooke just wants ten minutes of her time. Taylor tells her what she's doing is noble, but admits she's not sure about her motivations. Brooke says she has no hidden agenda. Taylor says whether she realizes it or not, she's trying to prove that she can be a better person. Brooke says Ridge will be safer with her - she's the only other woman who loves him as much as she does. Taylor asks for clarification. Brooke says she wants her to be with Ridge and make him happy. Taylor is stunned when Brooke hands over her wedding ring. Brooke asks Taylor to be an example to Hope of what a good marriage is about. Taylor says she'll treasure the ring.

Liam greets Bill, Katie, and Justin as they arrive at the hospital. The doctor asks Liam to come with her to check on Amber. Inside Amber's room, Tawny is irritating her by suggesting baby names. Bill and Liam enter. Amber's labor screams get to Bill, who rejoins Justin and Katie in the corridor. Justin chuckles as he presents Bill with a cigar. Back in the room, Amber, who is fully dilated, tries to hold off on delivering as she gets a text from Carl saying he's almost ready with the results.

Oliver brings firewood into the cabin at Big Bear. Hope's thinking about Liam and how everything will be different now. She talks about how Liam's life changed in one night and how unfair it is. Oliver says you can't wish away a baby, noting that this means a lifetime of Amber Moore. Oliver says it doesn't have to be that way for her - she can move on to something better. Oliver says he loves her. Hope takes a call from Liam, who says he loves her. Hope returns to Oliver and thanks him for bringing her there. Oliver says he'll take care of her forever if she'll let him. He gets down on bended knee and proposes.

Back at the hospital, Amber screams in pain as Bill grimaces outside the door. Katie is amused at his discomfort. Bill takes the plunge and goes inside. Carl appears and asks for some time alone with the patient. Everyone looks at him like he's nuts as Liam hollers that he can see the baby's head. Everyone watches as the baby enters the world.

Spoilers for Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke pushes Ridge toward Taylor.

Taylor tells Stephanie what Brooke has done.

Liam interrupts Oliver and Hope.

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