In the lab, Amber moans that she's not ready - she has to find out who the father is before she delivers. A dumbfounded Carl snaps out of it when she screams for him to get a nurse!

Amber is taken to a hospital bed. The nurse tells her she's pretty - if the baby is a little girl maybe she'll look just like her. Amber gasps, "I hope so!" As she labors, Carl appears and asks what she's going to do if Marcus is the father. Amber shouts that he just can't be. Carl returns to the lab to get the results, but his colleague returns and demands to know what he's up to. Carl distracts the guy, but he's still suspicious.

At the Malibu house, Tawny gives someone heck over the phone for declining her credit card. She tells them she is the grandmother of William Spencer IV. Marcus comes to the door looking for Amber. The phone rings - it's Amber saying she's in labor. Tawny takes off.

Hope and Liam savor the idea of spending a few days in Cabo San Lucas as they wait for Bill's jet to take off. The pilot tells them they'll get going in a few minutes. Suddenly a phone rings - it's Amber telling Liam she's having the baby. Liam tells Hope. She insists he go, saying she'll get herself home.

Whip finds Oliver in his studio and they discuss heartbreak. Oliver admits that Hope is still in love with Liam, but he thinks everything will change when Amber has her baby. Oliver thinks Hope will leave Liam once he becomes a father - and he'll make it easier for her. Oliver produces an engagement ring, and Pam comes in just in time to see it. Oliver says he knows he can make Hope happy. Pam gives him the keys to the cabin at Big Bear. Once Oliver is alone, Hope comes in all flustered. She tells him Amber is having the baby. He holds her. Oliver wants to take her away. She agrees.

Tawny arrives in Amber's hospital room. Amber demands drugs. Tawny infuriates her by asking for aspirin. Liam enters and Amber wants to know if he was with Hope, and if he hates her. The doctor takes Tawny out, and Amber asks Liam to let her say that she loves him, just for today. Liam reassures her and then steps out, holding his head. Carl slips in and looks sheepish. Amber demands that he tell her who the father is!

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Brooke wants to have a heartfelt discussion with Taylor.

Oliver takes Hope out of town when Liam is busy with Amber.

Amber worries over the delayed results.

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