Carl takes Marcus's hair from Amber in the lab. He's not sure it will be enough. She urges him to get to work. She becomes frantic as he searches for the baby's DNA from the original test. Amber insists on staying, so Carl gives her a lab coat. Carl doesn't understand her urgency. She explains that the baby could be Marcus Forrester's. Carl realizes the implications, but stops to eat a sandwich. Suddenly, Amber gets a contraction!

In Bill's office, Liam tells his father he wants to take Hope away somewhere before the baby comes. He's thrilled when Bill offers him the use of his plane.

At home, Hope tells Brooke she hates the way she's beating herself up. They discuss Hope's situation with Liam and Amber. Hope says it was impossible to stop loving him. Brooke reminds Hope that a lot could change when the baby comes. Hope is still bitter about Amber worming her way into their lives. Liam comes to the door. Brooke listens as he tells Hope they're going to fly away for a couple of days. Brooke tells her she'll be fine and shoos her out the door. Oliver shows up and asks Brooke about Hope. He feels she deserves better than the life she'll get with Liam. He asks Brooke to put in a good word for him.

Justin is in Bill's office with him when Marcus comes in. They all get to speculating about Brooke leaving Forrester and setting up a new foundation. Bill and Justin joke with Marcus about the women he met in Paris. Marcus mentions setting up a bachelor pad. Bill warns him to be careful who follows him home. Justin asks Marcus again about changing his name. They discuss the importance of blood relations, which causes Bill to complain about Amber again.

Liam and Hope kiss on the jet. The pilot tells Liam they are working on a flight plan and it will be a little while before they take off for Cabo San Lucas. Hope is excited, saying it will be a trip they'll never forget.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Oliver and Whip compare notes on their love lives.

Liam gets a call letting him know that Amber is having the baby.

Amber wants Carl to hurry up with the results.

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