At home, Brooke stares in the mirror and thinks about all the insults people have hurled at her lately. Hope comes in. Brooke tells her that she needs to face the truth about her - they both do. She explains that she needs to do something positive with her life. Hope doesn't think walking away from Forrester and Ridge is the answer. Brooke says she's a horrible person. Hope isn't convinced anything even happened. Brooke insists Thomas wouldn't lie. Hope begs her not to give up on her marriage. Brooke has to do it find peace. Hope argues that she's a fighter. Brooke tells Hope to learn from her mistakes.

Nick pays Stephanie a visit in her office. She tells him that Brooke took her completely by surprise. Nick scoffs that she'll always be in love with Ridge when Stephanie tries to convince him to pursue her. Taylor comes in and tells him about the foundation Brooke is setting up. Nick wants to know exactly what happened to cause Brooke to put her fortune into a foundation like this. Taylor and Stephanie disagree over whether her intentions are genuine and heartfelt - Stephanie thinks they are. Nick leaves and Taylor and Stephanie continue to discuss Brooke.

In Bill's office, Liam tells his father he is distracted because he's about to have a baby with a woman he doesn't even like. They talk about Amber and Tawny being grifters and golddiggers. Liam confides that Justin will represent him and he'll go after all of his rights. Bill is impressed. Liam worries about making things easy for Hope. Bill suggests he sweep her off her feet before the baby comes.

Amber answers her door to Carl. She says she needs another paternity test right now. Carl feels he's done enough. Amber begs him to help her. Carl sighs and tells her he'll need a DNA sample from the guy. Amber calls Marcus and asks him to come back to her house. Marcus arrives and tells Amber he knows what this is about - she's lonely. Amber plays along and plucks a hair from his head. She then sends the bewildered guy on his way.

Carl gets rid of the other employee in the lab as Amber arrives. She is panicking about needing to know who the father is before the delivery.

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

As Carl does a paternity test, Amber begins to feel contractions.

Justin still wants Marcus to take his last name.

Oliver asks Brooke for advice.

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