In the office at Forrester, Brooke tells Stephanie she'll make her proud by becoming the person she's always wanted her to be. Establishing the foundation is the first step in a long road - she asks if Stephanie will walk that road with her. Stephanie tells Brooke that she can't do it. She thinks Brooke is unable to change. Brooke insists that the guilt she is dealing with makes this different - Stephanie wouldn't understand.

In Ridge's office, Eric and Ridge speculate on Brooke's determination to improve her life. Taylor says it won't change anything. Stephanie joins them after Ridge steps out and assures a doubtful Taylor that Brooke's plans are not a ploy. Eric talks about how Brooke sees Stephanie as a woman of principles. Stephanie barks that she's no saint.

Ridge visits Brooke in the other office and says he admires what she's doing. Brooke says she knows that she's broken their family and that she needs to fix it. Ridge thinks it's a step in the right direction. He asks if she's sure about leaving Forrester. Brooke talks about the battles she's had with Stephanie over the years in that office, and wishes she could undo the damage she caused to Thomas. If only she'd realized the truth about herself sooner. Brooke says goodbye to Ridge and he embraces her, saying he'll always love her. Brooke steps out in the hallway, where she tells Stephanie they'll talk about the foundation later - she wants to live an honorable life, like hers. Stephanie watches her go and sighs, feeling guilty.

Amber's doorbell rings - it's Marcus. He comes in and tells her all about his time in Paris. He rubs her tummy and says pregnant women are sexy as hell. Amber warns him not to get ideas. They agree they had a lot of fun together. Marcus notes that Liam will be a good father. Amber agrees, but seems thoughtful. Marcus asks if she's alright. She says she just wishes Liam felt good about her. Marcus reassures her, saying Liam wouldn't turn his back on the baby anymore than he would. He admits that he was relieved the paternity test ruled him out as the father though. He kisses her cheek and goes. Amber thinks about Marcus possibly being the dad and gasps, "No way."

Spoilers for Tomorrow on The Bold and the Beautiful:

Amber needs Carl's help.

Stephanie works on steering Nick toward Brooke.

Bill gives Liam advice.

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